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isaac tekle
Jun 26, 2019 5:25 AM

San Diego short report

Eritrean Martyrs’ in San Diego

On commemorating of our martyrs’ day, the Eritreans community living in San Diego its environs come in a large number to candle vigil observance our fallen heroes on 06/20/2019. These Eritreans came to honor to uphold the courageous of heroic legacy. They have sent strong messages the light which button passed will be carried forever and will be brighter than ever. Parents, young men and women, and children attended this commemorating event. This year like other past years we contributed and pledged to help the fallen heroes’ families, and it is our sheer responsibility. We have great honor and respect for those who paid the ultimate sacrifices with no kind of mental hesitancies, those who gave us our freedom and liberty memories treasured and cherish in every Eritrean soul’s.
Long live the memory of our fallen heroes
Everlasting glory to our martyrs to

Jun 20, 2019 5:30 PM
ስጋ ኣደይ - ስጋ ኣቦይ
ስጋ ‘ቲ ኣባ-ሓጎይ
በቲ ገዳም ዓደይ
‘ቲ ዝፈትዎ ዓርከይ
እዝግኣብሄር ኣቦይ
ምምሓል ገዲፈዮ
ብስዉኣት ተኪአዮ

‘ቲ ስሞም ከልዕሎ
ከድምጾ ክደግሞ
ኵርዓት ይፈጥረለይ
ይሃድእ መንፈሰይ

ቡጹኣን'ዮም ንሶም
ዝፈጸሙ ሕድሮም
ዓወት ንሓፋሽ! - ብዓውታ ኣድሚጾም
Jun 20, 2019 4:15 PM

Irrevesible Commitment

Our martyrs fell for an irreversible agenda--that of the independence and sovereignty of Eritrea. Their martyrdom is to be honored and remembered forever!

The people of Eritrea have shown in practice, again and again, that they will not fall for the lies, trickery and betrayal of the few who are sponsored by the Weyane and neocolonialists. Our country is for our people--the inheritors of the land of our martyrs, for their well-being and their prosperity! Our people have shown the betrayers that Eritrea will not be a land where the wills of colonialists, but the wills of its people will be practiced!

CHIWA HIZBI ERITREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 20, 2019 2:37 PM
ስጋ ኣደይ - ስጋ ኣቦይ
ስጋ ኣባሓጎይ
በቲ ገዳም ዓደይ
‘ቲ ዝፈትዎ ዓርከይ
እዝግኣብሄር ኣቦይ
ምምሓል ገዲፈዮ
ብስዉኣት ተኪአዮ

‘ቲ ስሞም ከልዕሎ
ከድምጾ ክደግሞ
ኵርዓት ይፈጥረለይ
ይሃድእ መንፈሰይ

ቡጹኣንዮም'ዮም ንሶም
ዝፈጸሙ ሕድሮም
"ዓወት ንሓፋሽ" ብዓውታ ኣድሚጾም!
Jun 19, 2019 4:40 PM


'ቲ ጸልማት ዘውጋሕኩም
'ቲ ዓመጽ ዘልገስኩም
መግዛእቲ ዘሕጸርኩም
ሰብ ቅያ ንስኹም

ሃገር ዝፈጠርኩም
ኤረይ ዝደኮንኩም
'ቲ ክብራ ዘውሓስኩም
እወ እስኹም ብደምኩም!


ኣሕዋት ኣያታተይ
ዓበይቲ ኣቦታተይ
ጀጋኑ ኣዴታተይ
ጎራዙ ኣሓተይ
'ታ ርሕኩም ዝሃብኩም
ንዓይ ንህዝብኹም
ክንኮርዕ ድሕሬኹም
ሰብ መትከል እስኹም!

ከመይ ዘይትዝከሩ!

ብጹኣን እንዲኹም
ምምባር ዘይሰሳዕኩም
ሂወት ዝመጠኹም
ንመሬት ባሕርኹም

እቲ ጅግንነትኩም
ዝፈሰሰ ደምኩም
ቃንዛ በሰላኹም
ንኤርትራ ሃገርኩም
ንሓፋሽ ህዝብኹም
ይዝክር ውዕለትኩም
ብኹሉ ዜጋኹም

ትደምቁ'ምበር ትውልዑ
ጥዋፍ ኢኹም ዘይትጠፍኡ 
ክብሪ ነጻነትና ትድርዑ
ሰነድ ኢኹም ተዂርዑ
ሓቦ ጽንዓት ኒሕ ተዕጥቑ

ክብርን ሞጐስን ወርትግ ንዓኹም ንሰማእታት ይኹን!
Yonatan Solomon Russom
Jun 19, 2019 2:02 PM

A letter to the African intellectuals II ?

Most my life, I lived in the West and I want to school to learn and educate myself and I found out what I was learning was nothing but Theory and there was no application mathematics and now most kids are going to school to learn the same thing I learned and most African country also teaching mathematic the same way. little they know about mathematics that they have no idea why it is taught way the textbook prepared. Nobody has learned the history of mathematics. So how do we know that is the way it should be prepared or to be taught. I was not just living and learning in the schools and I really want to go to the bottom how the West has advanced in technology. Therefore I was questioning every single thing what I was learning and what the virtue of the teaching of mathematics were and to my surprise this is not what I was expecting to learn because artificial intelligence and the teaching of mathematics we're not the same 340 years ago and mathematic was very easy and simple in the past than today. Especially in Africa we just simply copying the textbook without knowing the history how the are prepared. How can we advance if you don't know the history. we need to teach it differently how it was 340 years ago.You don't want to learn mathematics for the sake of learning, it needs to be virtuous. If you have question you can email me at

Jun 18, 2019 9:16 PM
20 ሰነ

ሰማእታትና ንዘክሮም
‘ተሰዉኡ ንሃገሮም
ንኤርትራ ነታ ሪሞም
ነቲ ሓፋሽ ነቲ ህዝቦም

ክቡራት'ዮም ዝኸበሩ
'ታ ሂወቶም ዝገበሩ
ኤርትራ ክድኩኑ
ንድሕነታ ንኽትህሉ

ክብርታቶም ነዐንትሮ
እቲ ሕድሮም ኣይነዕብሮ
ንሓብሕቦ ንዘክሮ

ስዉእ ዘክር - ቀጥ በል ጽናዕ
ንመኸተ ኣይትማታእ
ብሓድነት ኣይትጣላዕ
ጉዕዞ ኤረይ ከይናጋዕ

ብሰማእታት ንምሓል - ሕድሮም ንምቕጻል!
Yonatan Solomon Russom
Jun 16, 2019 4:21 PM

A letter to the African intellectuals?

Who are you and where were you? People ask me how did you come here in the North Pole of cold place call it Minnesota, USA?

After they realize I'm not their kind that have skin color white, laughingly I answered them I got lost and they laugh it is true I never heard Minnesota USA before and once I got here I realized quickly how cold it was no matter how many layer of clothes you wear it is extremely cold place and my hand my feet my ear freezes quickly and my breath of my nose turns quickly to ice on my mustache. I wonder if I will be able to make it through this winter waiting for the bus when I go home or to go to work I could go or move someplace warmer state but how could I didn't even have enough money to movie and I was very poor man at first place. How did I end up here? Little do they know I am Eritrean who came from East Africa and my parents and I were slaves in our own land by foreigners. our parents were colonized by Italy and were slaves to the Italians and after the the colonization, we should been independent country like many colonized African but the Ethiopian decided to take us over by force because Eritrea was located in very strategic location and for another 30 years we had to fight and in the process we were killed tortured flee the country for being in Eritrean. I left Eritrea in 1982 it has been 37 years now during the Italian we were hanged in the street Eritrea and later pulled by rope using cars from 1890 until 1950s and it continued our suffering from 1960 until 1991 extreme kind of tortures by Ethiopian.

Thanks God Isaias Afeworki was born little they the Ethiopian, African, and other. God choose him to stop suffering anybody who come to harm Eritrea or Eritrean. He was born to save and stop suffering. He is very special person humble intelligence speak Arabic English Amharic many Eritrea languages between languages. Myself, I immigrated to the west while he was fighting to stop all the suffering. I am self-taught mathematician and able to write the history of mathematics, the application of mathematics and even about nuclear energy but who am I or who are you to talk, care, or question my leader, my hero. Where Have you been when Eritrean were dying, struggling fighting against this aggressor how ignorant are you to even question the person who stop the suffering of everything for the last hundred years most African intellectual are still slaves or servant of the West they don't even know where alphabets numbers come from. They don't even have their own alphabet and numbers. Let alone to speak about Eritrea. Don't even have any clue, let alone to speak about Eritrea. If you are really think that you are African intellectual, you better possesse artificial intelligence, then maybe then we can listen to you what you have to say otherwise be quite.

Eritrean mathematician
Yonatan Solomon Rusom

Jun 14, 2019 1:39 PM
ሳላ -
ደምኩም ዝኸዓኹም
ኣካል ዝጎደልኩም
ረሃጽኩም ዘፍሰስኩም
ዝሃብኩም ሂወትኩም
ኩሉ ዕድላትኩም...
ንኤረይ ህዝብኹም

ንነብር ኣለና
ኮሪዕና ከቢርና
ኤርትራውያን ኰና
ስምኩም እንዳልዓልና

መን ገሩ ከማኹም
ንሃገር ህዝብኹም
ምስጋና ይብጻሕኩም!

Jun 13, 2019 7:22 PM

ዝበለየ ጸለመ፣ ብሓደስቲ ዑሱባት ኣፍርቃውያን ከደምቲ ዝቐረበ ተዋስኦ እዩ። ይኹን'ምበር እዞም ኣብ ግዜ ዝተሳዕሩ ናይ ቀትሪ ኣዛብእ ኢዶምን እግሮምን ዓጺፎም ኮፍ ክብሉ ከም ዘይኮኑን፣ መልክዕ ቀይሮም ክህዉኹ ምኳኖምን መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ህዝብን ብእዋኑ ዝነቓሓሉ ጉዳይ 'ዩ።

ድሕሪ ናይ ሰላም ስምምዕ ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ናይ ብዙሓት ሃሱሳትን ዑሱባትን ዋጭዋጭ ኣብ ዋሽንግቶንን ኣውሮጳን ክንርእን ክንሰምዕን ጸኒሕና ኢና። ካብ ናይ ፈይስቡክ ባንከር ወጺኦም ናብ ናይ ተለቪዥን ሸለብ ገለብ ረኣዩና ስምዑና በጺሖም። መወልቱን ሃንደስቱን ድማ እቶም ናይ ትማልን ብቕትማልን ዑሉላት ጸላእቲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ እዮም።

ዕጥቂ ሓድነትናን መኸተናን ጥራሕ ኣይነዝልቕ።

Jun 11, 2019 1:51 AM
ክብርን፣ ሞጎስን ንሰማእታት ኤርትራ!

ሳላ ‘ታ ሓየት - ‘ቲ ስዉእ ጅግና
ክቡር ሂወቶም ዝመጠውልና
በጃይ በጃኹም ዝሓለፉልና
ሓዳስ ኤርትራ ዘድመቑ ስማ
ክብሪ ንዕኦም ሃሊና መይትና!

ሞዮኦም ዓብዪ
ተግባረ ነብዪ
ወርቂ ተዘካሪ

ዘይሃስስ ክብሪ
ዘልኣለም ነባሪ
ዝሓልፉ ንሃገር ህዝቢ
May 23, 2019 11:25 PM
Congratulations everyone! Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 22, 2019 6:45 PM
ነጻነት ኩሉ'ያ ብኡነት
ክብሪ መንነት
ኲርዓት ዜግነት

እዛ ነጻነትና፡
መመሊሳ ትጽብቕ
ትዕምብብ ትደምቕ
ጽንዓት ተስፋ ተስንቕ

ኣብ ውሽጥና ትበርቕ ትማሙቕ
ንኾነላ በጃ ከይትዓርቕ
ንሓልፈላ ካብ ቀረባ ሩሑቕ

ነጻነት ኢልና፡
ንስዉኣትና ንምርቕ
ብኦኦም ንኾርዕ
እንዳበለና ሕንቕንቕ
ዘይረኣይዋ ንደቒቕ

Happy 28th Independence Day Eritrea!
May 21, 2019 4:04 PM

ኤርትራ ሃገረይ
ሕሉበይ ንጽፈይ!

ኦክስጂን ትንፋሰይ
ብርኪ መሓዉረይ
ምናተይ ቅልጽመይ...

መልሓሰይ ልሳነይ
'ታ ሕብሪ ኣዒንተይ
መልከዐይ ድምቀተይ...

ሞተረ ናይ ውሽጠይ
ተስፋ መጻእየይ
መዓርገይ  ክብረይ
ኲርዓት መንነተይ...

ማህደር ናይ ታሪኸይ
ትዛሪ ኣብ ልበይ
ኣብ ድቃሰይ ሕልመይ
ኣብ ጋህዲ ምስ ውነይ...

ኣካል መሓውረይ
ዝነቖረ ዓይነይ
ዝዘበለ ዓጽመይ
ዝፈሰሰ ደመይ
ዝተኸፍለ ዕድለይ...
ንኤርትራ ሃገረይ
ንዓኣ ንኽብረይ

ዶባት ዘወር በሉ
ኣብ ኩሉ ኩለሉ
ርኣዩ ኣስተውዕሉ

'ቲ ድፋዕ መዝገቡ
ንዓኣ ዝሕሉ
ዓይኑ ቋሕ ኣቢሉ
ድቃስ ተሓሪሙ
ዋርሳይ ይከኣሎ ስሙ
ዝፈቱ ሃገሩ
ከምቶም ሂወት ዝኸፈሉ
ዓወት ንሓፋሽ እንዳበሉ

Happy Birthday Eritrea! Your birthday is my second birthday.
May 20, 2019 3:03 PM
ልደት ኤርትራ እዩ
ሰናይ ኣውድኣመንት - ንኹልና ዕግበት 
ሰናይ ቅነ ነጻነት - ንኹልና ክብረት
ሓጐስ ዝመልኦ - ኩልና ንብህጎ
ሎሚ ይኹን ጽባሕ - ብሰላም ዝምራሕ
ኣብ ውሽጢ ኣብ ደገ - ተስፋ ስኒት ዘአንገደ
ንኹሉ ዘሕብር  - ፍቕርና ዘዐንተር
May 17, 2019 12:59 PM
'ቲ ትማሊ ጸልማት ከሎ ወጥሪ
ብመድፍዕ ብጥይት ክንነድድ ክንቆሪ
ናብ ሩሑቕ ቀረባ ክንስደድ ብሃውሪ
ክግረፍ ኣካልና ብኣስሓትያ ቊሪ
ብልዕቲ ክቕጥቀጥ መታን ከይንፈሪ
ኣብ ማእሰርቲ ንሕልፈት ክንበሊ
ሓደ'ኳ ኣይነበረን ዝዘሪ ዝሓሊ
ተዓዛባይ ነሩ ዋላ 'ቲ ፈጣሪ

ንቓንዛና ብስሓቕ ደቢስና
ብዕሩቑና ኲርምይ ኢልና ሞይቑና
ብተመስገን ከብድና ኣዐሽና
ጸገም የለን ምስ ጭርቃን ወሲኽና
ሓቦን ተስፋን ሓቂ ተዓጢቕና
ሕሰም ስቓይ ከም ንቡር ወሲድና
ሓሊፍናዮ ገድሊ ነጻነት ኣምጺና
ጨቢጥናያ ኤርትራ ሃገርና
ዋጋ ክቡር መስዋእቲ ሕሰምና

Happy 28th Independence Day Eritrea & ሓፋሽ!
May 16, 2019 7:10 PM
ወይ ፖለቲካ
ሕማም ርእሲ ዓኽታ
ሓቅነት ዘይብልካ
ሎምስ ፈሊጠካ
ሽጣራ ጠባይካ
ሕኸኸኒ ክሓከካ

በል ምሕረት የውርደልካ
ንፍትሒ ክትፈልጣ
ክትሰርሕ ተቢዕካ
እምበር ኣነስ ግርም ተዓዚበካ
ሑሩም ኢለ ከይኣምነካ
May 16, 2019 12:10 PM
ሓደ ነገር ኣስተብሂለ
ውሽጢ ልበይ ዘቕሓረ

እቲ ከዳዕ ስሱዕ ምነ
ሩሑቕ ማዕዶ ዝሓከለ
መንደልሓቒ ዝዓወነ
ሰሚዐዮ ክዋራዘ

ተበላጺ ዝወየነ
ብቕርሕንቲ ዝኸሓነ
ዑሱብ ወይጦ ተፈንፈነ
ረኺበዮ ምስቲ ዕነ

ከጋማድሕ ዘይተባህለ
ታሪኽ ሓፋሽ እንዳኣቚሰለ
ክዘናጥል ከይሓፈረ
ከደናግር ዘይወዓለ
ፍቱሕ ስረ ዘይተቐብረ

ሽመት ስልጣን ተመንዩ
ንዋይ ሃብቲ ክኸስበሉ
ሃገር ህዝቢ ግዳይ ገሩ

ካብ መኸተ ተሓቢኡ
ምስ ጸላእቲ ተጸጊዑ
ኣብ ምንቛት ዝነፈዐ
ሰነፍ ዑሱብ ዘይነቐሐ

ገጹ ትጥፋእ ዘይበልየሉ
ሩቡጽ ሓንኳል መጋብሩ
ካብ ሰነፋት ሸያጥ ክብሩ
May 16, 2019 2:08 AM

With talks of global warming and climate change almost everywhere I go, greening Eritrea has been on my mind for a long time. I am glad to learn from on ERI TV that the efforts embarked upon since Independence have paid off. Good job compatriots! Let's make Eritrea green again! It is said that there was a time when 30% of Eritrea was covered by trees!

May 13, 2019 6:48 PM
ኣብ ውሽጢ ሃገር ኣብ ኤርትራ
ኣብ ሩሑቕ ስደት ኣብ ዓዲ ጓና
ብፍቕሪ ሰላም ትነብር ጅግና
ክብርኻ ይስፋሕ ዘዐወትካና
ኣብነት ዜጋ ግርማ ዓለምና

ኤረይ ክትከብር ከይደፍራ ጓና
ቅድሚት ክትስጒም ብምዕብልና
ትማሊ ሎሚ እስኻ ዓይና
ኣብ ሽግር ራህዋ ኣለኹ ትብላ
ጽናዕ ከም ትማል ኣብዛ ባንዴራ

EmbassyMedia - Interview with H.E Askalu Menkerios & H.E. Tewelde Kelati 'Eritrea Marin Resources'

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