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The Four Most Pro-Nazi Post-WW-II Countries

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Date: Tuesday, 03 October 2023

The Four Most Pro-Nazi Post-WW-II Countries

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

On September 24th, I headlined “Canada’s Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to 98-Year-Old Nazi SS Ukrainian”, which was about a widely reported event that had occurred two days earlier, but this event was actually part of a joint operation, in which the U.S. Government had taken over Ukraine’s government in February 2014, and the Governments of Canada, U.S., and UK, have used it since then in order to defeat Russia, much like the prior global-hegemonic hyper-imperialist, Adolf Hitler, also had aspired to do (in his massive “Operation Barbarossa,” which killed 26.6 million in the Soviet Union). This U.S.-UK-Canadian-Ukrainian joint operation had started back in 1945, and was building upon a thriving nazi political movement in Ukraine, which had started much earlier in the Twentieth Century. 

First, here, however: What is “nazism”? It can and does exist in many countries — not ONLY in Germany. And, today (and since 1945), it thrives especially in U.S., UK, Canada, and Ukraine. And here is how and why it does:

During WW II, Germany’s Nazi Party, like the Stepan Bandera political movement in western Ukraine (centered around Lviv), the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), fought to win national independence by exterminating its nation’s minorities, and was intensely against “miscegenation” or mixed-‘race’ marriages. The ideology was the same — racist fascism — and therefore only the nationality distinguishes one racist-fascist ideology from another. This ideology is commonly referred to as “nazism.” It is the exterminationist variant of the ideology known as “fascism.”

The original fascism was in Italy and was practiced by Mussolini’s Fascist (capitalizing the initial letter) Party, but its (not specific as to nation) ideology, of extremist capitalism (or, as Mussolini sometimes also called it, “corporationism”), is (without the initial capital-letter) fascism, the ideology, instead of its embodiment in Italy’s Fascist Party, as being capital-F Fascism.

The Allies — the Soviet Union, U.S., and UK — defeated the fascist powers in WW II (Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Hirohito’s Japan), and therefore fascism (and ESPECIALLY racist fascism or nazism) became PR (propaganda) poison after the Allies’ victory. Consequently, the ideology became renamed, such as, in Ukraine, the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine was advised by the CIA to change its name to the “Freedom” (or “Svoboda”) Party, and that Ukrainian Party did so, in order to help the U.S. Government to defeat and ultimately replace Russia’s Government. This is how they helped to do that:

Here is a video showing how the U.S. Government, under President Barack Obama, took control of Ukraine in February 2014 and used Ukrainian nazis in order to carry out his coup there. Those nazis were followers of Bandera.

Bandera’s movement, the OUN, was protected by the U.S. Government starting on 25 July 1945, when U.S. President Harry S. Truman decided, on this date, that (in accord with the advice he was receiving from both his personal hero Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill) either the Soviet Union would take control over the entire world, or else the U.S. Government would; and, so, he created the CIA, and the ‘Defense’ Department, in 1947, specifically in order for the U.S. ultimately to conquer the world; and the Soviet Union was his first ultimate target to conquer (by breaking the U.S.S.R. up and then isolating Russia, which commenced in 1991).

The U.S. Government worked on this creation of an all-encompassing global empire in conjunction with, and being largely guided by, the largest existing empire at that time, which was the English empire, which, at the end of WW II, was led by Winston Churchill, who had been a friend, student, and follower, of Cecil Rhodes, who had died in 1902 and bequeathed his wealth, as the founder of the DeBeers global diamond monopoly (also with gold mines), to the Rhodes Trust, which was to carry out his plan, which had been initiated by Rhodes in 1877, to create a secret organization, which would achieve and sustain “the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire.” He (Churchill) dubbed this “the Special Relationship” between the two countries — this being, in Rhodes’s mind (and Churchill’s), a universal empire. And now it became Truman’s, as well.

Rhodes (and Churchill, and Truman) accepted and practiced racism, but it naturally had different targets than did Hitler’s or Bandera’s.

Rhodes’s view was for a universal empire controlled by Britain’s aristocracy and its allies or “colonies,” which came to include, in intelligence (CIA, MI6, etc.) “The Five Eyes” of UK, U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Each of their spying and coup services is formally prohibited from spying against its own nation’s ‘citizens’ (subjects) but farms that spying out to the others to do and then to report back on the results, so that everyone is subject to their joint control. Here, concerning the nazisms of UK, U.S., Ukraine, and Canada, is an example of how they worked together, as reported by Roger Jordan at libya360, under the headline “How Canada Emerged as a Haven for Nazi War Criminals”:

The scale of the influx of Nazi collaborators only became public knowledge in the 1980s. A comprehensive study carried out by Alti Rodal on behalf of the federal government-appointed Deschênes Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in Canada uncovered records proving that US intelligence agents in Europe had funneled Nazi collaborators from Eastern Europe through the Canadian immigration system using false papers. Rodal revealed that large numbers of identically typed applications were received by Canada’s immigration department from one address in West Germany. On closer inspection, this address turned out to be a US military base. …

Members of the Galicia Division were initially prohibited from entering Canada due to their membership in the SS. But in 1950, Britain made an appeal to the Commonwealth for volunteers to accept a total of 9,000 division members who were at that time residing in the UK after being disarmed by British troops at the war’s end.

When Canada’s External Affairs Department, prompted by complaints from the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), raised concerns about the division’s ties to the Nazis and role in Nazi atrocities, the British government insisted that it had carried out background checks. “While in Italy these men were screened by Soviet and British missions and neither then nor subsequently has any evidence been brought to light which would suggest that any of them fought against the Western Allies or engaged in crimes against humanity,” claimed the British Foreign Office. “Their behaviour since they came to this country,” added London, “has been good, and they have never indicated in any way that they are infected with any trace of Nazi ideology.”

With this letter serving as political cover, Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent and his cabinet declared that Galicia Division members would be permitted to immigrate to Canada unless it could be proved that they had personally committed atrocities against civilian populations based on “race, religion or national origins.” Simply having been a Galicia Division member would not be considered a valid reason to prevent entry, even though the postwar Nuremburg Trials had found — given the organization’s leading role in the Holocaust, other atrocities and the bloody repression of civilians — all Waffen-SS members to have been complicit in war crimes.

The immigration of Nazi and Nazi-allied war criminals continued for more than a decade after the war and was a significant factor in Canada’s emergence during the Cold War as a political-ideological centre of far-right Ukrainian nationalism.

Speaking to a CBS “60 Minutes” programme in 1997, Canadian historian Irving Abella, who is currently Professor for Canadian Jewish history at York University, bluntly summed up the political climate of the time. “One way of getting into postwar Canada,” he said “was by showing the SS tattoo. This proved that you were an anti-Communist.” …

The case of Vladimir Katriuk

Nobody should believe that the Canadian ruling elite’s defence of pro-Nazi war criminals is a thing of the past.

In 2015, Vladimir Katriuk, a Ukrainian and member of the SS during World War II, died in Quebec at the age of 93. His personal fate exemplifies how the Canadian state actively connived to ensure Nazi war criminals escaped justice.

Katriuk, who came to Canada under a false name in 1951, was accused of war crimes, the most documented of which was his participation in the Khatyn massacre, carried out in what is now Belarus in early 1943. In the last years of Katriuk’s life, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre placed his name near the top of its list of the 10 most-wanted war criminals.

Katriuk’s case first came to prominence in 1999, when a federal court ruled that he had gained Canadian citizenship on false pretenses, because he had neglected to inform Canadian immigration officials about his Nazi past. After a lengthy period of deliberation, the Conservative government decided in 2007 that it would not revoke Katriuk’s citizenship and claimed there was insufficient evidence for him to be charged with war crimes.

Katriuk … was identified by multiple sources as being a machine gunner at the Khatyn massacre, which occurred on 22 March 1943. A total of 149 villagers were either burnt alive or shot by members of Battalion 118, a volunteer auxiliary police battalion of which Katriuk was a member, with the support of a Waffen SS unit. Evidence of his participation in other lesser known crimes has also been documented, as mentioned in a 2012 article by Swedish academic Per Anders Rudling.

Even in the last weeks of his life, when a Russian extradition request was submitted for the Ukrainian-born Katriuk, a spokeswoman for the Conservative government justified Canada’s refusal to allow Katriuk’s extradition to face trial on the basis of the political situation in Russia and its alleged “aggression” against Ukraine. “While I cannot comment on any specific extradition request, to be clear, we will never accept or recognize the Russian annexation of Crimea or the illegal occupation of any sovereign Ukrainian territory,” a spokeswoman for then Justice Minister Peter McKay declared.

On September 26th, I headlined “Ukraine and U.S. Lead the World in Nazism” and noted that,

The only country that regularly and always votes in the U.N. General Assembly against Resolutions that condemn racism and bigotry in all of its forms including nazism and Holocaust-denial, is the United States (because ever since 1945 the U.S. has brought into the country so many elite Nazis and gave them sanctuary and hid their atrocities from the public), but in recent years one of the main excuses it gives is that Ukraine is voting against it and so America must do likewise in order to reaffirm its support for Ukraine. The only other country that has often been joining with America’s and Ukraine’s pro-nazi votes at the U.N. has been Canada, which (like America) brought in and provided sanctuary for many Ukrainian nazis after WW II. … But actually, America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO is riddled with nazis. And America’s lie-based invasions of Iraq in 2003 and of Libya in 2011 and of Syria ever since 2013, are all nazistic, too; so, the evidence that the post-WW-II and especially since 2000 U.S. Government is nazi is clear and undeniable. Anyone who would call this a democracy would have to be either blind or crazy.

According to the record that was supplied by Roger Jordan, “When Canada’s External Affairs Department, prompted by complaints from the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), raised concerns about the division’s ties to the Nazis and role in Nazi atrocities, the British government insisted that it had carried out background checks,” and this instruction by Britain caused those SS officers to be allowed into Canada. Furthermore: “A comprehensive study carried out by Alti Rodal on behalf of the federal government-appointed Deschênes Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in Canada uncovered records proving that US intelligence agents in Europe had funneled Nazi collaborators from Eastern Europe through the Canadian immigration system using false papers.” So: after WW II, nazis from Ukraine, U.S., UK, and Canada, worked together (and with the leadership being both from the U.S. and from the UK) in order to carry out the protection of numerous Ukrainian SS officers in Canada.

The only one of these four nazi Governments that have NOT been joining America’s pro-nazi U.N. votes is UK, which would make sense IF that is the Government which is the ultimate one in control over the others — hiding behind them — which would be exactly in accord with the plan, the “Secret Society,” that Cecil Rhodes came up with in 1877. It is difficult to identify whether the long-term plan to add Russia to the empire comes mainly from the UK, or instead from the U.S., but, in either case, it is “the Anglosphere alliances”, NOT merely the U.S. Government, which are doing this. Shortly after Hitler died, the ghost of Cecil Rhodes took control over “the Anglosphere alliances,” and so the Cold War began, aiming to conquer ultimately the entire world.

But, also in accord with Rhodes’s plan, this team of conquest isn’t directed against ONLY Russia, but, for example, the entirely lie-based invasion and destruction of Iraq in 2003 was jointly a U.S. and UK operation.

Other networks might also be proposed as possible means by which this coordination for global control is being achieved, such as the annual Bilderberger meetings of billionaires and agents of billionaires; but those meetings actually are themselves extensions from, and connected to, the Rhodes group, the “Anglosphere alliances.” In fact: the Bilderberg conferences are intimately connected to, and might even control, NATO. So, possible alternatives to the Rhodesist explanation, might actually be, instead, extensions of it. 

One can reasonably say that all of the billionaires who profit from this perpetual war for perpetual peace are backing it, but, whatever the network is, it does have considerable coordination behind it, and the utter absence of billionaires from whatever resistance there is against this, suggests that this unanimity isn’t merely coincidental. To the contrary: it is remarkably conspicuous.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion at the XXIX International Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin on January

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