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Why Republicans Blew Their Big Opportunity to Win in 2024

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Date: Tuesday, 07 March 2023

Why Republicans Blew Their Big Opportunity to Win in 2024

Eric Zuesse

There are so many ways that the Republican Party could have turned America's political contests into a crushing defeat of Democrats in 2022 and especially in the upcoming 2024 races, but they chose instead to do what their mega-donors want them to do, which is to extend into the future the permanent-warfare U.S. economy that has poured trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars into destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and now especially into destroying Ukraine, and thereby making the investors in corporations such as Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil even richer than they were before, while the broad masses of the American people become even more indebted than they were before — and this increased debt is without even including into the actual total debt, from these wars, their Government’s consequently swelling debt-burden, the soaring federal deficits, which their children will need to pay, all of this debt having been created in order to transfer those trillions of dollars, from the public, into the rapidly rising wealth of the one-in-ten-thousand super-rich net beneficiaries of America’s permanent-warfare U.S. economy.

The Republicans could have called Ukraine “Biden’s war,” or “the Democrats’ war,” but instead voted for it themselves, and so turned it into America’s war — the war by the billionaires of both of this one-party-state’s nominal two political Parties (the Parties of both Democratic billionaires and Republican billionaires).

Ukraine, like Syria, and like Yemen, was Obama’s war (he started it in 2011-2014), and because Hillary Clinton was even more of a neoconservative than Obama was, Trump became our President who would get us out of those U.S.-created wars; and, because Trump instead installed people such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who were even more neoconservative than Obama’s team had been, we got Biden as President in 2020, who continues the worst policies of both Obama and Trump.

Trump kept waffling about what his policies would be on Ukraine, but Biden is no different than the super-neocon Hillary Clinton would have been; and, so, Americans who refused to vote for either Hillary or Trump in 2016, ended up getting in 2020 Hillary’s policies under the name of Joe Biden — and, yet, still, the Republicans in Congress continued to vote for the permanent-war policies, and they failed to call Ukraine, and Syria, and the other U.S.-fed wars, “the Democratic Party’s wars.” No, their billionaires wouldn’t allow them to disengage from these sanctions, and coups, and invasions: America was to continue to be ‘fighting for democracy and human rights’ around the world while spending on ‘national defense’ (against nations that posed no danger to us — such as Ukraine, and Iraq, and Syria, and Iran) as much money each and every year as all of the 200 other nations in the world collectively spend on the their militaries

Do America’s 900 military bases in foreign countries add anything to the safety of the American people? Where does all that money actually go?

Someone posted online his brief spoken summary of the past few decades of what America’s ‘fight for freedom and democracy’ around the world has actually been doing. It opens with his describing his response on 24 February 2022 when he first heard about Russia’s invading Ukraine that day, and felt — and still feels — that this invasion was “long overdue”:

“What You Don't Know About The War in Ukraine”

His historical account there is entirely truthful, though it is spoken much too fast, as-if he were instructed to keep it under six minutes.


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