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Eritrea for mobile viewing The Yemeni Calculation is Impossible

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Date: Friday, 06 July 2018

Sondoss Al Asaad


Four years after the global imposed war against the impoverished Yemen and none of the supposed objectives have been attained. Currently, after around a month of the hostile assault on the most important strategic port city of Hodeidah; the Yemenis are more persistent to defend their country and to preserve their sovereignty. Hodeidah; the apple of the Imperialist proxies’ eyes is more determined to put an end to their arrogance and prejudice.

Since the onset of the assault back in 13 June 2018, the Yemeni army, resistance and popular committees have all announced it loudly, “Hodeidah is the Saudis’ graveyard.”  This statement is not a rhetorical slogan but a firm authentic ideology of resistance. Therefore, the thorough system of atrocities, attacks and blockades, etc. has failed to subjugate the Yemenis and indeed will never succeed to do so.

Today and as ever, the Yemenis are more enlightened and conscious of the preprepared conspiracy to overwhelm their country, to loot its oil and natural resources and to occupy the geostrategic locations. Consequently, they are expressing their willingness and readiness to resist until the very end. Although the aggressive coalition have been backed, financed and armed by the colonialist and Capitalist American and European powers, the Saudi mercenaries and vampires would be soon or after defeated.

Whatsoever, national resistance and revolutionary movements are armed by the soul of enthusiasm, determination and persistence. Yemenis, beyond doubt, lack the technological advanced arms and weapons, however; they have a firm belief and perseverance to smash the Imperialist dream in Yemen and to teach the Saudis an unforgettable lesson on how to respect nations’ will and freedom.

Yemen’s western coast will certainly discipline the Donald Trump’s representative; the so called MSM. It will sustain the confrontation after it has interrupted the invasion and caused immense casualties at the enemies’ side. This phenomenal port city has also exposed the assault’s hypocrisy, lies and fake victories.

In Yemen, there is a wise and shrewd leader, i.e. Sayyed Abd-al-malek al-Huthi, and here is secret behind Yemen’s steadfastness and persistence. Thus, a nation who has such a frank, resolute and courageous leadership can hardly be defeated. Besides, what differentiate between the enemies’ soldiers and the Yemenis is that the latter are defending their homeland; their own dignity and cause. Whilst the enemies’ soldiers are prepaid mercenaries who have neither the ideology nor the purpose.

The Saudis and their Western Imperialist proxies ignore the fact that their atrocities and genocides ignite the nationals’ determination to resist and free their country. The quite advanced armoured vehicles have failed to save the lives of hundreds commanders and soldiers. Further, the ongoing air-raids over civil facilities and populated areas have emphasised that the Saudi regime pays no respect to the minimum ethical standards of human rights and obligations.


Sondoss Al Asaad is a Lebanese freelance journalist, political analyst and translator; based in Beirut, Lebanon. Al Asaad writes on issues of the Arabs and Muslims world, with special focus on the Bahraini uprising.

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