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Brexit showdown | Peace for Ethiopia and Eritrea | Obama and Mandela

Posted by: The Conversation Global

Date: Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Editor's note

Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, has finally got the makings of a Brexit plan together – but she’s lost two of her most senior ministers in the process. Was it worth it? As Nikos Skoutaris sees it, while the plan is certainly flawed, it remains the UK’s first comprehensive proposal for leaving the EU and its best shot at staking out a serious negotiating position. And Robin Pettitt explains why, in spite of everything, May looks almost certain to limp on.

For the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea it’s almost too good to be true. Peace has been declared between the two countries marking the end of 20 years of hostility. Diplomatic relations are being restored and economic ties normalised. The reward of success will be huge, but Martin Plaut warns that there’s no guarantee the  edifice won’t collapse as the complex details of the relationship are worked out. And John J. Stremlau sets out what to expect from Barack Obama when he delivers the Nelson Mandela Annual lecture in South Africa.

Andrew Naughtie

International Editor

Top Story

Who's to blame for Theresa May's meltdown – and where will it end?

Robin Pettitt, Kingston University

Badly wounded and yet limping along, May seems condemned to govern in interesting times.

The Brexit plan that could bring down the British government – explained

Nikos Skoutaris, University of East Anglia

Two years after the Brexit referendum, Cabinet members apparently agreed on the country's vision for its future relationship with the EU. But it has already led to a flurry of resignations.

Politics + Society

Eritrea and Ethiopia have made peace. How it happened and what next

Martin Plaut, School of Advanced Study

Few believed they would see an end to two decades of hostility between Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Obama's Mandela lecture comes at an auspicious time for democracy

John J Stremlau, University of the Witwatersrand

Drawing on Mandela's legacy, Obama can help the world better understand the nature of threats to democracy.

Health + Medicine

Science + Technology

Arts + Culture

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