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Fundraiser by Meron Tekeste : Help Hiyabu

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Date: Sunday, 04 February 2018

On behalf of Herite Teckleab family; Girmai Mesfin (her Husband) and Hiyabu (her lovely Son) we have setup this fundraising on gofundme in the hope of collectively helping Herite's family. For those who know's Herite, you don't need an introduction. For those who don't know Herite, please check the Video.

Hiriti is survived by her beloved son, Hiyabu, and her husband,  Girmai

Hiriti has been the pillar, breadwinner and caregiver of her family as Girmai became ill with chronic diseases; he has been in and out of the hospital for the past year on several occasions.

Hiyabu is a congenial 14 year-old  9th grader.  Since birth, he has endured some medical challenges; however, with the constant and steadfast care and nurture he received from his dear mom, Heriti, and his dad, Girmai, he has overcome several obstacles and has come a long way. Unfortunately, Herite left them too soon.  Now, Hiyabu is faced with a tragic situation.  While grieving for the death of his dear mother, he’s faced with the daunting task of caring for his father, continuing to go to school and figure out how to survive.  Let us all help him continue to be on the path he is on and ensure he reaches his dreams; let us alleviate his burdens with our financial assistance until he comes of age and completes eduction.
Our hopes are to raise funds to help Hiyabu and his ill dad defray the cost of living expenses while he finishes his High School education. All donations will go towards covering their expenses in the immediate time frame while he completes high school, and also help towards the cost of college education.   
If you are able to give any size donation, they would be deeply appreciative.
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