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Agite Dies Laetitiae ( A Latin Inscripton at Cathedral Front Door)

Posted by: Haile Bokure

Date: Tuesday, 09 January 2018

This inscription that says: AGITE DIES LAETITIAE can be seen at one of the front doors of Asmara Cathedral. It is a title of one of the hymns composed by Giovannai Battista Riccis during Baroque Era in Venice (1620). I photographed it at a time when I visited Eritrea in August 2017. Also, I have translated this engraved note with support of the Internet Translator while using my judgement as to true nature of sancified meanings and ideas. In short, it is a free translation just to keep in par with poetry flavor. Therefore, any error must be seen in that order. Otherwise, as the saying goes: il traduttore e' traditore meaning a translator is a traitor. LOL.
" Agite dies lætitiæ"
Annunciate vocem iucunditatis
In insigni die solemnitatis vestræ
In decacordo psalterio cum cantico in citthera
Laudate Deum & audiantur Iubila
Cum vocibus omnis generis musicorum
Iubilant omnes filii Dei
Moveatur mare & plenitudo eius
Sidera lætentur & exultet terra
& exultet iam Angelica tuba cœlorum & gaudeat
& tellus de victa morte triumphans
Plaudite buccinate
"Agite Dies Laetitiaie"
Let spread joy this day
In solemnly manner
Harp and sing with guitar
While praising Him
With the sounds
Of all music.
Oh, how happy
Are the children of God.
Let the sea, the stars move
Let the angels of Heaven
And Earth trumpet
As witnessed…
The vicotry over death
Let all clap their hands
-Haile Bokure
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