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Fundraiser by Yordanos Tesfai : Holiday turned tragedy for 5 Kids

Posted by: Tsegai Emmanuel

Date: Saturday, 23 December 2017

This holiday season and thereafter will never be the same for the family of Tsehaye Tewelde Sesinos pictured above. Tsehaye moved to United States in 1985 to start a new life and family. He married his wife Regat in 2000 and three years later their daughter Delina was born. Everything was going as planned for the loving couple as they went to have 4 more children named Nathanael, Arsema, Noah, and more recently Matthews. Tsehaye started suffering setbacks as the family home was foreclosed and health complications arose. He suffered from high blood pressure, a stroke, and kidney failure. He was unable to work and put on dialysis resulting in thin blood. While at home, he tended to the children while Regat worked for an on call agency to provide the necessities. Desperate for week, she found a permanent job with a company called Flex. Regat was optimistic and looking forward to getting the family back on their feet until tragedy struck a week later. Her husband of 17 years and a father of 5, Tsehaye, was struck by a speeding vehicle while walking home from dialysis on December 6, 2017 at about 6:00pm. Tsehaye was a trying to get home after his treatment and he did not want to inconvenience his wife for a ride home. A loving husband, father, brother and friend’s life was cut short. His five children and wife will be in mourning this Christmas because life will never be the same for these six individuals. We are coming to the Go Fund Me Family with bleeding heart for them to ask for your support. Please find it in your heart to support these children and their mother. Sent from my iPhone
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