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Eritrean diaspora would like to post her blogs on

Posted by: Ariam Alula

Date: Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hello Dehai,

My father is an avid reader. 

He once received a phone call from another resident in New York, who said she had saw an article on which must have been aggregated from my personal blog. I never had the chance to send a personal note thanking you for linking viewers to my site -- yeqenyeley, betam ymesgenelkum. 

I'm Ariam Alula, a diaspora Eritrean who will never stray from her culture. I visited Eritrea for the first time as an adult in 2014, and fell in love with the place. After that experience, I soon started a blog which I invite you to visit here

A lot of what's covered on is political and caters to an older audience; that's great as people want to know what's happening. However, I believe there's a need for articles exploring other issues pertaining to the diaspora community including language maintenance, mental health, and cultural clashes--issues affecting everyday Eritreans and topics that I've written about. 

I'd like to post a few of my articles on, and am happy to answer any questions or provide additional information in order to do this. Here's a recent blog post that might interest Dehai readers:

I look to working together!

I recently wrote about learning Tigrinya online. 

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