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[MUSICALS] A Trio Has Come To Town - New Song [aytitehamel]

Posted by: "Araia G. Ephrem"

Date: Friday, 01 September 2017

NEW SONG - "aytitehamel"
It's always a challenge to come up with a new cut art; be it visuals or audibles. It specially is tough to put selected voices together and make a lasting signature. But, Eritrea has many surprises under her belt! Putting fore leaders in a cultural renaissance that is!

Tight lyrics, experimental musicals and soothing melody. A meaningful musical video to match a powerful message.

Yes, it is the strong deep but high voice of Eseyas Debesay, doubled by a super Diva Semhar Yohannes effortlessly hitting high notes; tripled with a sweet young Danait Yohannes nicely elevated.

They did it! Yes, a Trio has come to town!

Enjoy a new song by Esseyas Debessay, Semhar Yohannes and Danait Yohannes. A trio in all superlatives! Kudos!

NEW SONG: Eseyas Debesay Ft. Danait Yohannes, Semhar Yohannes - Aytitehamel - Eritrean Music 2017

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