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Free Speech or Terror TV? Al Jazeera's Support for ISIS and Al Queda

Posted by: thomas mountain

Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Free Speech or Terror TV? Al Jazeera’s Support for ISIS and Al Queda

Al Jazeera’s Arabic TV channel has been promoting both ISIS and Al
Queda/Al Nusra for years now. ISIS and Al Nusra representatives
appearing on the channel are greeted with “welcome back brother” and
when finished are told to “go with god”. Rayan Mishaal, founding
Director of the ISIS-Aamaq news agency, was a regular guest and when
he was killed in Syria Al Jazeera Arabic offered their on air

One entire program featured an AJ Arabic senior anchorman arguing in
support of a genocide in Syria of the Alawite religious minority
(which the Presidential Family hails from) as being the best solution
to the Syrian peoples problems (see Nervana1 or Hayder al Khoei for

When the Arab Spring broke out, or was instigated from abroad, in
2011,  Al Jazeera Arabic TV channel, a fiefdom of the Qatari Royal
Family, went into hyperdrive against the Assad government in power in
Syria and forced most of the authentic journalists at the station to
quit in protest. Some of them formed new TV channels, including Al
Mayadeen TV, based in Lebanon, which has since been kicked off both
the Saudi Arabsat and the Egyptian Nilesat channels, though Al Jazeera
Arabic and AJ English are both still carried by both satellite systems
never mind the so called “Boycott of Qatar” by the Saudi lead

The Nato War Against Libya in 2011 was the watershed moment for AJ
Arabic when they launched a racist terror campaign with star reporter
Hoda Abdel Hamid saturating the airwaves with hate speech falsely
claiming that Gaddafi had sent Black, African mercenaries to rape
thousands of the wives and daughters of Libyans in a wave of rapine
and mayhem spreading across the country.

Fear of black sexual predators, playing right smack into the most
backward and racist tendencies of a people only a generation, if that,
removed from nomadism, Hoda seemed to instinctively know how to panic
the Libyan Arab population and upwards of a half a million Libyan
Arabs fled their homes to supposed protection in the Al Queda and
later ISIS controlled east of Libya, Serenaica of old.

This racist hate speech was a complete fabrication and when challenged
on this Hoda Abdel Hamid was forced to return to Libya only to
completely fail to find any trace of African Mercenaries or a single
woman who had been raped. This was the same campaign that saw
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice
claiming that Qaddafi’s fighters were being given viagra to fuel rape
and pillage against their own people, giving  fresh meaning to lies
and damned lies.

As a result of this racist incitement to violence hundreds if not
thousands of African guest workers were lynched by Libyan Arab death
squads, with their tortured, burnt bodies hung from bridges or dumped
in the desert. I attended funerals for Eritrean victims of these
racist lynch mobs and the images of the tortured and burnt alive
Africans, broadcast for the whole world to see, could only resurrect
memories of similar lynchings of black men committed throughout the
former slave states in the USA well into my lifetime.

This war crime, what amounted to an ethnic cleansing of Libyan Arabs
and mass murder of African guest workers is no different from other
war crimes that have had perpetrators, both military and civilian,
indicted by the International Criminal Court. Of course to be indicted
by the ICC requires White House approval so don’t hold your breath
that Hoda and the rest of the journalistic hoodlums at Al Jazeera
Arabic TV will ever face justice for their crimes against the Syrian,
Libyan and African people.

The western media has been pumping “support free speech” in its
defense of Al Jazeera English but almost completely blind when it
comes to shining the light of day on the Al Jazeera Arabic TV channel
and its promotion of “Terror  TV” by its support for ISIS and Al Queda
over its airwaves internationally. In the case of AJ Arabic
“Journalism Is A Crime” putting a lie to its sister station’s claims

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea, living and
reporting from here since 2006. See thomascmountain on Facebook and
Twitter or best contact him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com
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