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Eritrea accuses West of using Africa for propaganda against Russia

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 26 July 2023

Eritrea accuses West of using Africa for propaganda against Russia

Eritrean Ambassador to the UN Sophia Tesfamariam said that in the situation with the grain deal, the West used Africa as a pretext for accusations against Russia, RIA Novosti writes.
July 26, 2023

Sophia Tesfamariam , the Eritrean representative to the UN , said that Western countries used the difficulties of African countries in propaganda against Russia . RIA Novosti writes about this .

She suggested that the West was not originally going to help African countries with food. African countries have become only a "cover".

“It's always a very convenient cover for whatever they want to do. In this case, it was a good way to blame the Russians, taking advantage of the Africans, ”she made accusations.

Tesfamariam suggested that Western countries are "putting on a show, using the name Africa: Africa this, Africa this, Africa rising, African initiative." But in the end, she was not surprised that the countries in need received only about three percent of the food needed.

She also noted, commenting on the course of the special military operation, that Ukraine

On July 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an article published on the Kremlin website, said that the continuation of the grain deal that did not justify its humanitarian purpose had lost its meaning. According to him, most of the grain remained in European ports and did not go to African countries, as was originally stated.

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