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(The Brussels Times) Police arrest 10 migrants at Brussels Gare du Nord station

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 28 November 2019

Police arrest 10 migrants at Brussels Gare du Nord station

© Kevin Van den Panhuyzen | Ten migrants were arrested during the campaign (archive image).

The federal police arrested seven Eritreans, 2 Ethiopians and 1 Sudanese during a control action at the North Station on Tuesday evening. The migrants were arrested because they did not have the correct papers.

The federal police in Brussels arrested 10 migrants on Tuesday evening at around 7:30 PM at Gare du Nord station in Brussels.

Seven of the migrants, all of whom are male, are from Eritrea, two from Ethiopia and one from Sudan. Two of them are minors.

“According to the police, they were at Gare du Nord station without being in possession of the correct documentation,” spokesperson of the Citizen Platform for Refugee Support, Medhi Kassou, told RTBF.

“The police told us that they were arresting the migrants so that their identities could be confirmed,” Kassou continued, adding that “six police officers in their own clothes were present, as well as a dozen [officers] dressed in uniform.”

The aim of the operation was to map out a smuggling network, Bruzz  explains.

The federal police carry out similar operations at Gare du Nord every week.
Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

Police arrest 10 migrants

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