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TPLF’s Documentary: Repeating the Tale of “Good Morning and I am Sowing a Linseed”.

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Date: Sunday, 26 May 2019

Rally in Mekelle in support of Ethio-Eritrea peace agreement, July 2018
By Abel Kebedom
May 26, 2019
Recently, I watched a three-part documentary by Tigray TV that narrates the historical relationship between the people of Tigray and Eritrea. I would say it was a good usual TPLF theatrical act. In fact, the documentary raises more questions than answers. Why was the same TPLF click that is currently hiding in Mekelle failed to remember the historical relationship between the people of Eritrea and Tigray in 1998 and was eager to harm Eritrean innocent civilians in Ethiopia? Was the border war between Eritrean civilians and Tigrayan civilians? We are talking about Eritrean civilians that supported TPLF wholeheartedly and served in every kebele in Addis Ababa as key TPLF administrative backbone. Did you know that Eritreans in Ethiopia were registered as Tigrayan and voted for TPLF during the 1995 election? The current documentary leads us to the major question, does TPLF remember the historical relationship between the people of Eritrea and Tigray only when it is in trouble? After cursing and vilifying EPLF for years, TPLF asked EPLF to work together when EPLF miraculously destroyed the Nadew command on March 17, 1988. Is history repeating itself.
If TPLF believed Tigryans and Eritreans had a special cultural relationship, why did it brought the Amhara’s, Oromos and other Ethiopian nationalities to destroy Eritrea and dig the burial grounds of Eritrean freedom fighters that it claimed to have fought with them in Eritrea and Ethiopia? My understanding is that except TPLF there is no one that doubts the historical relationship between the people of Eritrea and Tigray. So, if there is anyone who needs a documentary on the issue it should be only TPLF.
Currently the important question that needs to be answered is how the two people can heal their wounds that was inflicted by TPLF grandiose miscalculation and resume their historical relationship on a solid ground. The documentary should have addressed this issue. That is why the documentary reminded me the Tale of “Good morning and I am sowing a Linseed”.
Many people can give many reasons as to how the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia started. However, that is not an issue now. The war ended 20 years ago with the signing of the Alger’s Agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea on December 12, 2000 and then closed for good when the EEBC issued its final and binding border ruling in 2003. It has been because of TPLF’s refusal to implement the EEBC border ruling, the two people’s relationship was placed in a standstill for close to 20 years. Therefore when watching the documentary the question that may linger in the mind of every Eritrean is how was that the TPLF that now pretends to understand the historical relationship between Eritrea and Tigray very well decided not to accept the border ruling and worked hard to kneel Eritrea down to the point of destroying the unity of its people through intensive propaganda, crushing its economy through sanctions and putting a maximum pressure through consecutive unwarranted aggressions?
After signing a peace deal in 2000 and a verdict of the EEBC in 2003, what was the purpose of the intensive propaganda, sanction and the constant aggressions? It is hard to imagine if the current TPLF that is preaching for peace and trying to remind us about the historical relationship between the two people would have done it if it had not been pushed from the Menelik palace and cordoned off in Mekelle. As a result, the TV documentary simply bolsters my feeling that TPLF remembers the cultural relationship between Eritrea and Tigray only when it is in trouble.
In my introduction I raised the tale of “Good morning and I am sowing a Linseed” because that is what TPLF is doing with the documentary. Although it is key to the resumption of the historical relationship between the people of Tigray and Eritrea, and in a bigger picture between the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia, in the documentary I have not watched anything that narrates about the Alger’s Agreement and the EEBC verdict. It is a wrong and very dangerous miscalculation. Eritreans may have differences with their government. However, when it comes to the Alger’s Agreement and The EEBC decision, they stand together. Therefore, TPLF should stop repeating the “Good morning and I am sowing a Linseed” tale and directly address the EEBC decision because that is what is hindering the two people from resuming their historical relationship. Above all the Ethiopian federal government has already accepted it without preconditions.
Awet Nehafash,
Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs.
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