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Embassy Media - Interview with Mr. Tesfay Ghebreab on 14/02/2019

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Embassy Media once again sits down for an interview with the renowned author Tesfaye Gebreab in Asmara Eritrea on 14 February 2019. Analyse current affairs in relation to the Horn of Africa, TPLF and Ethiopia. He also talks about his new book to be titled “Ye Bahru Sewoch” which will be released soon at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa/Finfine with his return to Ethiopia after 18 years.. Furthermore he explained about the book ግፍዒ translated from Tigrinya to Amharic which focuses on the how successive regimes who controlled Ethiopia unleashed endless suffering on the Eritrean people.

Embassy Media

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ክልተ ቕነ ኣብ ድፍዓት ብደራሳይ ኣቶ ኣለምሰገድ ተስፋይ ተደርሰት ብቛንቋ ጀርመን ተቶርጊማ ብዕለት 4 ግንቦት 2019 ኣብ ከተማ ማንሃይም ሃ/ጀርመን ተመሪቓ ንመጀመርያ ግዜ ኣብ ሃገረ ጀርመን ተዘርጊሓ ኣላ

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