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OA Sport / Important agreement between Italy and Eritrea , with regard to the respective athletics federations , with a view on Tokyo 2020

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Tuesday, 13 February 2018

OA Sport

Athletics, agreed between Italy and Eritrea with a view to Tokyo 2020. The guidelines

Important agreement between Italy and Eritrea , with regard to the respective athletics federations , with a view on Tokyo 2020 : two years after the Japanese Summer Olympic Games , in fact, according to ANSAreports , a series of exchanges was planned for athletes , trainers and physiotherapists , for whom  training camps and training meetings will be organized .
The agreement was reached by FIDAL President , Alfio Giomi , and by the Eritrean sport commissioner , former Ambassador to Italy, Zemede Tekle Woldetatios, in order to find mutual growth in a five-circle review , which will be hosted in Japan . Asmara , an Eritrean city with a mild climate throughout the year, has already been chosen as the ideal city for the training of the two national selections .
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