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RASSD / Sisi climbs up against Sudan and Ethiopia in alliance with Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sisi climbs up against Sudan and Ethiopia in alliance with Eritrea

Shadi Emad January 12, 2018

At the same time that Sudan is mobilizing its forces along the border with the state of Eritrea, Fadlifat al-Sisi's welcome reception for Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki came to reveal a new approach to Egypt in its relations with Sudan and Ethiopia and raises questions about the feasibility of this escalation and Eritrea's ability to resolve the crisis.

Middle East: Eritrea is the solution

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper considers that the timing of Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi's move to consolidate relations with Eritrea, especially after the failure of diplomatic negotiations with Ethiopia over the crisis of the Renaissance Dam and the political tension surrounding the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, That Eritrea is the solution to its problems with neighboring countries.

Sisi held talks with his Eritrean counterpart Isaias Afwerki on bilateral relations and coordinated efforts on all issues related to the situation in the Horn of Africa.

According to observers who spoke to the newspaper, Egypt, through extensive cooperation with Eritrea, seeks greater influence in the Horn of Africa, which is strategically important for its national security, with growing Turkish and Qatari presence there, and tensions with Ethiopia and Sudan.

Eritrea is an important partner of Egypt; it has a long coastline on the Red Sea and a main gateway to ships crossing the Egyptian Suez Canal.

Dr. Hani Raslan, head of Sudan Studies and the Nile Basin region at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies told Asharq Al-Awsat that "the last visit by Afwerki was of particular importance because of developments affecting the security of the Red Sea, Of Suakin, and the subsequent alliance between Sudan, Qatar and Turkey, which also extends to Ethiopia, a country that is involved in a dispute with Egypt on the waters of the Nile ».

In December, Sudan granted Turkey the right to manage the island of Suakin for rehabilitation, becoming an important tourist city on the Red Sea, which angered Cairo.

Egypt defies Sudan and Ethiopia

Egypt is challenging Sudan and Ethiopia by strengthening relations with Eritrea, which has a long history of conflict with the two countries and reached a war with Ethiopia in the late 1990s, the Associated Press reported.

Egypt has tried to resolve the dispute amicably with Sudan and Ethiopia, but both countries insist on their position, prompting Cairo to seek another diplomatic alternative through a huge desalination project and strengthening relations with other African countries.

She said Sudan had escalated tension after recalling its ambassador in Cairo for consultations, which Cairo met with silence. Cairo accuses Khartoum of cooperating with Doha and Ankara against its national interests.

She explained that Egypt ignored the Sudanese and Ethiopian anger over relations with Eritrea and Sisi received his Eritrean counterpart in the presidential palace.

The newspaper "Washington Post" that Egypt has the lion's share of the Nile and it seems that it will not give up this matter, noting that the strengthening of relations between Egypt and Eritrea, means that they do not pay attention to the position of Sudan and Ethiopia.

Sisi, Bashir and Ethiopian Prime Minister Haile Dessalegn

Military crowds on the border

The Sudanese army has sent thousands of troops to the east of the country at a time of tension in the region after reports of the arrival of military reinforcements from Egypt to Eritrea.

Sources said, according to Al Jazeera, that the Sudanese forces have already reached the garrison Kassala on the eastern border, while the Sudan and Ethiopia announced the closure of their border with Eritrea.

The Sudanese daily Al-Shaya quoted Ethiopian sources as saying that the leadership of the western region of Ethiopia sent military reinforcements off the border triangle with Eritrea and Sudan.

In contrast, the same sources revealed Eritrean military reinforcements with Egyptian support, and rebel movements from Sudan's Darfur region have gathered near the Sudanese-Eritrean border.

Special sources told Al Jazeera correspondent in Ethiopia that military reinforcements from Egypt, including modern weapons, military transport vehicles and four-wheel vehicles, arrived at the military base of Sawa in Eritrea.

The base of Sawa - located in the province of Gash pool adjacent to Sudan in its eastern border - the headquarters of the training of soldiers of national service.

"Egyptian-Eritrean military forces have reached the eastern border of the country as part of a plan to create tensions in the region, as well as support for the rebels in the southern border," said Tayeb Mustafa, head of the Sudanese parliament's information committee.

Since June 2011, the SPLM / A has been fighting Sudanese government forces in South Kordofan states (south-south of Sudan) and Blue Nile (south).

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement on Thursday that it had decided to "summon Sudan's ambassador to Cairo, Ambassador Abdelmahmood Abdel Halim, to Khartoum for consultation" without giving further details.

Adib: Calculates Sudanese

The program provider, Amr Adib, said that the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Eritrea is very good and parallels the Egyptian-Eritrean relations.

"Egypt has stood with Eritrea during its independence from Ethiopia," Adib said during the daily "Everyday" broadcast on the ENE television channel, pointing out that it is an important and pivotal country in Africa despite its small size.

Adib pointed out that while the Eritrean President visited Egypt, the Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army visited Ethiopia, pointing out that this indicates that Sudan counts the Egyptian-Eritrean relations.

Hegazi: Ethiopia and courageous pills

"The importance of establishing a sustainable partnership with Eritrea in various sectors, including industry, agriculture, trade, electricity, health, livestock and fisheries," said program sponsor Ibrahim Hijazi.

He added that the Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki, affirmed cooperation with Egypt to intensify bilateral cooperation in different fields. Fields in the interest of the two peoples and the activation of agreements between the two sides in all subjects.

Hijazi said that part of what happened in Africa is due to neglect in previous years, pointing out that relations with African countries returned again after 2014 and since Sisi took over the presidency.

Every day - Amr Adib comment on the meeting President Sisi with his Eritrean counterpart at the Federal Palace

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