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MSN.DE / Asylum seekers in Hamburg S-Bahn station attacked with a knife

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 08 January 2018

Asylum seeker in Hamburg S-Bahn station attacked with a knife

Jungfernstieg S-Bahn station is located in the heart of Hamburg and has made headlines in recent months. Now an asylum seeker from a group of people was brutally attacked there.

Jan 7, 2018

The suburban train station Jungfernstieg in Hamburg
© pa / Blickwinkel / G The S-Bahn station Jungfernstieg in Hamburg

A 25-year-old asylum seeker from Eritrea has been attacked in the S-Bahn station Jungfernstieg out of a larger group of people. An unknown culprit stabbed the man late on Friday at 22.30 clock a knife in the thigh, said the federal police on Saturday.
The 25-year-old was attacked on a staircase to the suburban train platform and had to be taken to hospital with an ambulance. There he was admitted to hospital. An immediate search with 30 police officers and 13 patrol cars was initially unsuccessful.
The background of the deed was not known for the time being. Witnesses who can give details of the perpetrator or have observed the crime are asked to call 040-6699505555 at the Operations Center of the Federal Police Inspectorate Hamburg.

JUNGFERNSTIEGAsylum seekers in Hamburg S-Bahn station attacked with a knife

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