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Who will replace Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee?

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Date: Tuesday, 22 August 2023

Who will replace Joe Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee?

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

When even the New York Times, which had been campaigning heavily for the Democratic Party to keep the White House, turns against Joe Biden as the 2024 U.S. Presidential nominee (by starting to report honestly about the potential bribery prosecution of Joe Biden), then the question has become very serious indeed regarding whom to replace Biden with.

Most of the Democratic National Committee’s agents have been hoping for California’s (the largest state’s) Governor Gavin Newsom (who thus far is endorsing Biden for 2024) to fill the spot (become the nominee), but Newsom has many problems, not the least of which is that his positions on the issues are virtually identical with Joe Biden’s, who had started his Presidency with a 55% approval-rating, crossed downward the 50% line on it in August 2021, eight months in, and has been hovering around 42% ever since August 2022, a year ago. Whatever bloom was on this rose has long-since faded away, and it wasn’t much to begin with. At least Newsom has the advantage of being a “new face” for those policies (42% of the public are neither “Favorable” nor “Unfavorable” toward him).

Here are the national U.S. “Favorable,” “Unfavorable,” and net-approval ratings (Approve minus Disapprove), for each of the following sampled potential U.S. Presidential candidates:

19-20 July 2023

RFK Jr. +47%-26%=+21%

Trump +45%-49%=-4%

Musk +44%-35%=+9%

Ramaswamy +34%-18%=+16%

Tim Scott +33%-22%=10%

Williamson +18%-23%=-5%

Biden +39%-53%=-14%

Harris +39%-49%=-11%

Newsom +25%-33%=-8%

In the month-earlier poll, their net figures were:

14-15 June 2023

RFK Jr. +21%

Trump -3%

Musk +9%

Ramaswamy +8%

Scott +9%

Williamson -6%

Biden -11%

Harris -10%

Newsom -10%

So: Those net figures seem to be quite steady month-to-month, though the news about these individuals might not be. (Perhaps that polling organization will be coming out with a new poll in the next few days — and that should be much awaited.)

Right now, among Democratic Party voters — the people who will be voting in that Party’s primaries — Biden enjoys an enormous advantange against Kennedy: whereas in the August Sienna College/NYT poll, which fivethirtyeight-dot-com finds has had the best predictive record of any polling organization in America, 28% of Democrats have a Favorable view of Kennedy, and 50% have an Unfavorable view of him, and that is a -22% net favorability among the people who are likeliest to be voting in the Democratic primaries, Biden among Democrats has a 14% Unfavorable view of him and 83% have a Favorable view of him, and that is a net +69% net favorability among the likeliest people to vote in those primaries. 

Right now, half of Americans classify themselves as “Independent”, and 25% classify themselves into each of the two Parties. RFK Jr.’s campaign is a waiting-game, waiting for Biden’s record of corruption that has been hidden by the media (even though it actually goes back a long time), finally to explode into even the Democratic Party’s media (such as it’s now, very belatedly, starting to do in the NYT). His strategic view is that, whereas Republicans aren’t much concerned about a candidate’s corruptness (and so Trump — who, incidentally, isn’t nearly as corrupt as Biden is — will likely win the Republican primaries), the people who vote in Democratic primaries are very much concerned about a candidate’s corruptness. (And Biden is so corrupt that even the ‘Special Counsel’ whom his Administration appointed to ‘investigate’ his son is illegal to be a “Special Counsel,” but a whistleblower and an honest judge managed to undo the corrupt plea-deal.) Furthermore: Kennedy is hoping that many disaffected former Democrats who now are Independents will vote for him during the primaries. If he is correct in this hope, then he’ll shock current punditry, which is heavily favoring Biden to win the Democratic nomination. If RFK Jr. does win the nomination, then there is a strong possibility that he will go on to win the Presidency in a landslide, no matter whom Republicans nominate. Such a win would transform the Party, and transform America — and, maybe, transform what had previously been the world’s history ever since 25 July 1945.

If the DNC wants to win the White House instead of to continue America’s neoconservative and neoliberal policies (which its billionaires want), then they should nominate RFK Jr. to replace Biden.

However, if they want to continue America’s neoconservative and neoliberal policies (which are bankrupting the U.S. Government with the objective to capture Russia and China for America’s billionaires) in order to satisfy their billionaires, then the DNC will probably continue to push for Newsom to replace Biden and to become the nominee instead of RFK Jr.


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