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eric zuesse: Biden Announces New Alliance Against China (‘North Korea’)

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Date: Sunday, 20 August 2023

Biden Announces New Alliance Against China (‘North Korea’)

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

Just as the U.S. Government under Obama had installed missiles into Poland and Romania near to Moscow, by using the phony excuse that doing this would defend the EU against (the non-existent) ‘threat from Iran’ (instead of for America to be able to use those missiles to blitz-attack Russia’s central command in The Kremlin), the U.S. Government under Biden is doing the same to Japan and South Korea now to ‘protect’ them against a threat from North Korea that is non-existent unless the U.S. and its allies invade North Korea, but that is actually instead to strengthen America’s threat against China — to blitz-attack Beijing so as to annihilate China’s central command there before China will have a chance to retaliate.

Like any regime, the U.S. regime exploits the public’s prejudices — such as against Iran and against North Korea. For example: my phrase above, “to ‘protect’ them against a threat from North Korea that is non-existent unless the U.S. and its allies invade North Korea,” means that what endangers South Koreans is actually the U.S. regime, which still wants to conquer North Korea. In fact: If North Korea didn’t have those weapons, then it would be in enormous danger from the U.S., just like Iran (which didn’t develop nukes) is. The small picture here is that North Korea has those nukes, but the big picture here is that the source of the aggressions around the world is the all-time-largest imperialism, which is today’s U.S. regime. The nations that it’s targeting for future conquest need to protect their sovereignty over their own land if they are to retain their sovereignty there. And, right now, the U.S. regime wants to grab Taiwan from China, and China has the right to protect itself. Even the U.S. Government cannot deny that “Taiwan is a part of China”, but it is nonetheless trying to break that part off, grab it, in order not only to acquire yet another vassal-nation (Taiwan), but also to weaken China so as ultimately to conquer that much bigger nation too. And the U.S. regime is relying upon the public’s prejudices against North Korea, in order to manipulate the public to suppport the U.S. regime’s imperialistic agenda in that part of the world. It’s all about manipulating fools, so as to get them to accept its depredations (such as America’s now arming Taiwan — a part of China — for Taiwan to use against China).

Biden had to use coercion in order to get the leaders of both Japan and South Korea to agree to this, because both of those leaders are even lower-regarded by their electorate than Biden is by his. Their political position with their own voters is even weaker than Biden’s is with his

Here are the current (as-of 19 August 2023) approve-disapprove ratings by the publics in the main U.S.-and-allied countries, as surveyed by Morning Consult’s ongoing pollings in each of these nations. As you can see there, the voters-supplied ratings of each of the heads-of-state: whereas the approval rating of Biden is 40% (vs. 52% who disapprove), the approval-rating of South Korea’s Yoon Seok-youl is 23% (vs. 71% who disapprove), and of Japan’s Fumio Kishida is 23% (vs. 64% who disapprove). They are far lower in their public’s support than Biden himself is — and Biden is disapproved by 52% of his public. But no matter how disapproved they are, they have to do what he tells them to do, because they are only stooges, and Biden is their emperor.

As Breaking Defense headlined on 18 August 2023, “Biden says Camp David trilateral will usher in ‘new era’ between US-ROK-Japan”, and they reported that,

South Korea and Japan have a bitter history dating back to World War II and its leaders have been encountering opposition at home to their recent bilateral engagements as well as the visit to Camp David. American officials, including Biden himself, have repeatedly praised Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol for their willingness to engage one another [and especially himself, at Camp David].

“A strong alliance of values among Korea, the US and Japan will help build a world that’s more peaceful and prosperous by serving as a sturdy foundation,” Yoon said during the press conference today.

Kishida added, “We will consider the Camp David principles issued today as a historic turning point for the international community to be a new compass for trilateral cooperation.”

In both South Korea and Japan, there is considerable opposition to the U.S. regime that had conquered Japan in World War Two and won South Korea on 27 July 1953. Ever since, the U.S. Government has had veto-power over anything that either Government does.

South Korea under American rule started out as a series of military juntas until the junta-leader Roh Tae-woo ran for the Presidency and became the nation’s first ‘democratically elected leader’ on 25 February 1988. South Korea continues to be run under American occupation (in order to ‘protect South Koreans’), and the U.S. regime continues to possess veto-power over its ‘decisions’. 

Interestingly, the CIA-edited and written Wikipedia’s article on “Japan” excludes any “History” section, but Tanaka Akihiko’s 2019 “Japan After World War II” says that “The United States decided to rule Japan through the existing Japanese Government,” and presents history documenting that only the forms of this “rule” have changed over time.

Neither South Korea nor Japan is allowed to violate the will of the U.S. regime in Washington DC. At the meeting of the three heads-of-state on August 14th at Camp David in Maryland, the stooges who represented South Korea and Japan did their duty to the U.S. regime, no matter how their voters felt.

So, the reluctant two — according to the U.S. regime’s “FACT SHEET: The Trilateral Leaders’ Summit at Camp David” — joined Biden as “the three Leaders reaffirmed the critical importance of regular, high-level consultations between our countries.” And, “The three Leaders affirmed ongoing progress to regularize defensive exercises that contribute to strengthening trilateral responses to DPRK [North Korean] threats, resume maritime interdiction exercises and anti-piracy exercises, and expand trilateral cooperation in other areas, including disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.”  Interestingly, the word “China” doesn’t appear even once in the nearly 2,000-word-long document, though this “new era of trilateral partnership” is far more about America’s plan to conquer China than to conquer North Korea. And, as regards such things as “anti-piracy, ... disaster relief and humanitarian assistance,” that’s more of the necessary PR cover for the U.S. regime’s plan to take over China.

What I find especially telling is that the U.S. regime’s “FACT SHEET: The Trilateral Leaders’ Summit at Camp David” doesn’t so much as mention “China” even once. And yet, that’s the country which Biden had actually called this “Trilateral Leaders’ Summit” together to assist the U.S. regime ultimately to conquer. If he can’t get them into NATO and/or AUKUS, maybe he can get them to do it bilaterally, via this new threesome.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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