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U.S. Government On Wrong Side of Ukraine’s War

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Date: Sunday, 06 August 2023

U.S. Government On Wrong Side of Ukraine’s War

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

Ukraine’s war started in February 2014, not in 2022. As NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on 9 May 2023, “The war started in 2014.” He even was explicit that “You have to remember that the war didn’t start in 2022” (which was when Russia responded on 24 February 2022 by invading Ukraine). Here is the best short video (only ten minutes long) accurately showing in the original historic video clips how it started, and it is very clear there that the U.S. Government, U.S. President Obama, started it in February 2014, by means of a coup, which the Obama Administration had had in the planning stages for quite some time. The founder and head of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor even called it “the most blatant coup in history”. The smoking-gun piece of evidence proving that it had been a coup by the U.S. Government is this recording of Obama’s mastermind of the coup, Victoria Nuland, telling Obama’s Ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, a month before the coup became climaxed, whom to get appointed to lead the post-coup Ukraine. And, then, the smoking-gun piece of evidence proving that even the top officials of the EU didn’t know that it had been a coup instead of the ‘democratic revolution’ that the U.S. regime claimed, is this recording of the EU’s minister of foreign affairs being told in a phone call from Kiev, by her investigator there, immediately after the coup was over, that it had been a coup. On 4 November 2019, after enough verified evidence had become known about it and about how the war in Ukraine had actually been started by the U.S. Government, I headlined “The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimea”, which was the only part of Obama’s plan that failed; and that article documented also how the war had been started by that coup. 

So, as a matter of history now, there can be no question that Jens Stoltenberg was telling the truth when he said that “You have to remember that the war didn’t start in 2022. The war started in 2014.” But if that is all true, then you also need to ask yourself “Who started the war?” And, without any doubt at all, the answer to that question is the United States Government. In fact, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton started immediately after Viktor Yanukovych became democratically elected in 2010 as Ukraine’s President, to pressure him to bring Ukraine into EU and then NATO and he refused, and this is the reason why the planning for the coup started by no later than June 2011.

In my article “The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimea”, I linked to all of the key items of evidence so that any reader can, on one’s own, verify all of these things. They are, by now, clear history, nothing that is rationally disputable.

On 2 August 2023, the U.S. propaganda agency Newsweek headlined “U.S. Troops Should be Sent to Ukraine, Third of Americans Say”, and reported an alleged poll — though without linking to it or otherwise verifying that it existed or anything about its methodology if it did — that “A total of 31 percent of eligible voters in the U.S. support or strongly support American military forces heading to the battlefields of Ukraine, polling conducted exclusively for Newsweek by Redfield & Wilton Strategies has revealed.” Even if the poll existed, and if it was scientifically done, and it found that 31% did support sending U.S. troops into the battlefield of Ukraine to wage war against Russia there in that country which borders Russia, then what national-security interest of the American people would be served by the U.S. Government’s doing that? Would it not instead enormously endanger us? If America’s trooops there would win a conventional war there against Russia, then would not Russia escalate the conflict there on Russia’s very borders, raise it by going nuclear against the U.S., in order to prevent the U.S. Government from placing its nuclear missiles only a five-minute flying time away from blitz-nuking The Kremlin?

On 5 August 2023, I headlined and documented that the “IMF Has ‘Loaned’ $115B to Ukraine Without Requiring Any Proof Where It Went”, but the U.S. Government and its taxpayers have lent and donated far more than that to Ukraine, and if even the IMF (of which America’s Government is the top financial backer) is constantly postponing any audit of its ‘investments’ there, then how could things be any better for the ‘investments’ and donations by America’s taxpayers in Ukraine?

According to the U.S. Government and its agents and allies, the war in Ukraine started by “Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in 2022” and by “Russia’s illegal and unprovoked war against Ukraine” — and anything which would contradict that is mere ‘fake news’ which the social media and the traditional ‘news’ media ought to filter out so that the public won’t get to see or hear any such ‘Russian disinformation’. But even they cannot filter out (far less outright deny) the NATO Secretary General’s having said on 9 May 2023 that “the war didn’t start in 2022. The war started in 2014.”

America’s Government is one the wrong side of the war in Ukraine — the side of the aggressor. Where Stoltenberg lied there was when he continued by saying, “And since then, NATO has implemented the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War.” Obviously, the U.S. Government’s being the aggressor means that its military alliance against Russia is not “collective defense” in this war but is instead collective offense in it — the aggressors. That is what makes all of them be on the side of the aggressor, on the side of the nation that started the war.

To the extent that this information is not publishable in those nations, it’s proof of the given nation’s being a dictatorship — controlled behind-the-scenes by the very same ultimate rulers who also control its news media and censor-out this information, and call this information by such phrases as ‘Russian disinformation’.


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