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U.S. Regime Wins the Propaganda-War on Ukraine While Losing the Real War

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Date: Tuesday, 07 March 2023

U.S. Regime Wins the Propaganda-War on Ukraine While Losing the Real War

Eric Zuesse

It is obvious that, at least in The West, the U.S. side has already overwhelmingly won the propaganda-war part of the war against Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine; however, what about the ultimate military and diplomatic sides of that war — what will be the war’s outcome, in fact (even if not in myth)? 

Among the great geostrateic analysts I’ve seen on the war in Ukraine, all of whom have been way ahead of the mainstream-media commentators in predictions that have subsequently been demonstrated by events to have been true on this war, have been especially Alexander Mercouris, Gonzalo Lira, Brian Berletic, Scott Ritter, and Douglas Macgregor. Three of these five — Mercouris, Lira, and Berletic — appeared together on March 7th in a 130-minute discussion of the war; and, as always before, they explained and referenced undisputed facts about what has been happening there, and argued on that factual basis that America’s chances for winning that war (the real war) against Russia, are now clearly close to zero, if not already there: already inevitable defeat of the United States, in its war against Russia, in the battlefields of Ukraine. 

Their discussion was so comprehensive, and so indisputably true on the established facts of the matter, that I strongly recommend anyone who thinks that Ukraine and NATO still stand a reasonable chance to defeat Russia in this war, ought to view it, and then I invite any such person please to comment below here (or else at the youtube of their discussion) in order to explain why you disagree with their analysis:

It’s at youtube

and also at The Duran

and is titled, at both, “Bakhmut heats up w/Brian Berletic and Gonzalo Lira” and is dated on 7 March 2023, at both sites.

All are invited to participate here, (or at either of those sites) in this discussion.


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