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Eritrea for mobile viewing EU allocates € 90 million to EU Trust Fund for Africa

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Date: Saturday, 07 July 2018

The European Commission today has approved 3 new migration-related programmes in Northern Africa totalling more than €90 million.

High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini commented: "Today's new programmes will step up our work to managing migration flows in a humane and sustainable way, by saving and protecting lives of refugees and migrants and providing them with assistance and by fighting against traffickers and smugglers. It is our integrated approach that combines our action at sea, our work together with partner countries along the migratory routes, including inside Libya, and in the Sahel. This work has already brought results and will bring more if member states will be consistent with the commitments they have been taking since the establishment of the Trust Fund at the Valletta summit, in 2015."

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