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AFP / Russia to boost Sudan military: Bashir

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 08 February 2018

Russia to boost Sudan military: Bashir

2018-02-08 Omar Hassanal-Bashir Omar Hassanal-Bashir
Khartoum - President Omar al-Bashir on Thursday said that Khartoum and Moscow have agreed on a programme to boost Sudan's military capabilities.
In an address to army officers and soldiers in the Red Sea town of Port Sudan, Bashir said the plan aimed to enable the Sudanese military to counter any threat.
He said "Sudan has a programme with Russia to develop the Sudanese armed forces in a way that will deter anybody who intends to harm the country", the official SUNA news agency reported.
SUNA gave not details of the plan.
Bashir's comments follow his visit to Russia in November, where according to Sudanese media he asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to "protect" his country from the United States.
The visit came just weeks after the United States lifted its trade embargo imposed on Sudan in 1997.
During his trip, Bashir also asked for Moscow's cooperation in the field of nuclear power, according to media reports.
Sudan's air force is comprised mainly of Russian warplanes, and the bulk of its military equipment has also been traditionally supplied by Moscow.
Source: Xinhua   2018-02-08 23:29:55

Sudanese president announces military program with Russia - Xinhua |

PORT-SUDAN, Sudan, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) -- Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Thursday announced a military program with Russia to develop the Sudanese army to be a deterrent force.
"We have a program with our Russian brothers, our Russian friends, to modernize the armed forces and prepare them in all fields," said al-Bashir when addressing the Sudanese army units in the Red Sea Thursday.
"We have a full program to develop the armed forces in the three axis of personnel, equipment and work environment," he added.
He went on saying that "in the past we depended on importation of everything, even the ammunition, but now we manufacture the pistol and even the missile, the plane and the warship."
"We say to our enemies to stay away from us. We are ready for whoever tries to target our country. We are not fighting for the sake of war, but when war comes to us, then we are ready for," said al-Bashir.
Sudan maintains military ties with Russia to enhance its military arsenal, namely with regard to the air force.
During his visit to Russia in November last year, al-Bashir asked the Russian president to establish a Russian base in the Red Sea. He also asked Moscow for air defence systems, patrol boats, missile boats, minesweepers, radars and complete missile systems.
It is to be noted that media reports late 2017 indicated that Sudan had received a number of Russian Sukhoi SU-35 fighter planes.

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