8th Eri-Youth Festival 12-15 July 2018, Sawa - Eritrea

Sawa 12 15 july 2018

8th Eri-Youth Festival 12-15 July 2018, Sawa !

“Youth, the vigor of Sustainable Development!”

What is the Eri-Youth Festival?

The Eri-Youth Festival, which is held in Sawa every two years, is a celebration of Eritrean youth! It celebrates their many achievements and the valuable role Eritrean youth play in nation building, development, and in preserving national unity and sovereignty.

How is the Eri-Youth Festival Organized?

In order for the festival to be youth centered, all activities are arranged for and by young people. NUEYS, in close cooperation with the Sawa Training Center, organizes this spectacular event. NUEYS’ offices all over the country actively participate in the planning, organizing and implementation of the festival, ensuring the equal representation of all administrative zones and sub-zones. NUEYS’ branches and the Eritrean youth organization abroad (YPFDJ), as well as the other Eritrean organs in Diaspora are also invited to contribute to the success of the festival in order to make it a huge celebration or Eritrean youth solidarity all over the world!

Activities Included within the Basic Framework of the Festival

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