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Eritrean flag raising ceremony 26th Anniversary - New Orleans, LA

Posted by: biniam tsegai

Date: Saturday, 13 May 2017

Dear Eritrean and friends of Eritrea,

All are invited to attend to the flag raising ceremony at the city hall of New Olreans , LA .
Time:       12:30 Pm
Date:       19th May, 2017
Address:  In front of the City Hall
               1300 Perdido st
                New Orleans, LA 70112

Past, Present, and Future ( PPF) :- our flag represents PPF.
past( the pain and suffering of our martyrdom), Present (keeping the promise and honor of those who were gone before us, as we build Eritrea), Future (The Peaceful and tranquility Eritrea.)

Akayedti shmagley,
Awet Nhafash
May the Lord blesses this nation for years to come.

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