An Open Letter to Martin Plaut

Posted by: Tesfamicael Yohannes

Date: Saturday, 27 August 2022

An Open Letter to Martin Plaut

Nobody from Eritrean nationals can believe the stories you write against Eritrea. Mind you, I said Eritrean nationals, as there are non-Eritrean nationals who claim for different reasons to be called Eritreans. So don’t confuse between Eritrean nationals and the name taken by others as Eritreans, but not Eritrean nationals. What is so important to differentiate between Eritrean nationals and the so-called Eritreans by name for this message? The importance of the differentiation is; for you to realize that, to whom your stories are doing service, are for those who want to see the failure of Eritrea as a nation. If you get this point correctly, your stories are falling at the wrong hands of Eritrea enemies in general.

My question to you Martin Plaut is: by serving Eritrea’s enemies, apart from the materialistic advantages, what existential importance does it have to you? Please, if you have the capability to explain what comes first, is it essences before existentialisms or existentialism before essences? I expect you to have general knowledge about existentialism and essence.

Martin Plaut, let me guide you to have an understanding about the existentialism question for Eritrea. We are going to come back later on the essence of Eritrea as a nation also. Historically, Eritrea was under occupation starting from Turki, Egyptian, Italian, British, and Ethiopian. Isn’t it obvious that, taking in consideration the occupation of Eritrea for a long time by different occupiers, so that existentialism of Eritrea is to be free from occupiers. Do you have doubt Martin Plaut, the existence of Eritrea comes before the essentiality of Eritrea? What is your problem Martin Plaut with Eritrea? Is it its existentialism? My point here is, to convince you that existentialism of Eritrea comes before the essence of Eritrea.  The sacrifice paid for existentialism of Eritrea is precious blood and it took a long time to struggle for independence, just to call it independence instead of existentialism to join the international community nomenclature. Unlike the rest of African countries which their essence comes before their existentialism (the reason is the rest of Africa countries are handed over independence, Eritrea is denied to be handed over independence from colonizers). That is why, while essence comes before existentialism for the rest of African countries, for Eritrea it is existentialism that comes before essence of Eritrea.

Now, let us talk about the essentialism of Eritrea that comes after its existentialism. The essentialism of Eritrea which you Martin Plaute is obsessed with in writing so many fictitious and false stories about Eritrea is based on denying the existentialism of Eritrea. Martin Plaut, you are paid to do the dirty job of the essence of Eritrea by the CIA, according to reliable sources, but difficult to confirm it independently. It is said that you are paid 22450 USD every year for this dirty job against Eritrea by the CIA, which I found from a reliable source but difficult to confirm independently. You know that, Martin Plaut, when USA was handing over Eritrea to Ethiopia after the second world war, the excuse USA presented was that the essence of Eritrea precedes its existentialism as Eritrea independent country. You know Martin Plaut that. Don’t you know that? You know it. You are paid, so that is essential for you.

Maybe I am wasting my time engaging myself with a person like you. By the way, Martin Plaut, as a person, for you, does your essence come first before your existents or your existentialism comes before your essentialism? You as a person, if you are going to be paid to do a dirty job by the CIA, for sure your essence comes before your existentialism. That is why you jeopardize the existentialism of Eritrea for your essential existence of payment from the CIA. But apart from the payment you get from the CIA, do you have reason to oppose the existence of Eritrea? If I explained for you that existentialism comes before essentialism to Eritrea, then Eritrean nationals are going to struggle against you while non-Eritrean nationalist Eritreans are going to support you. Have clear understanding that there are Eritrean nationals who give priority to existentialism of Eritrea to its essence (those who oppose you) and there are Eritreans who are not nationalist who give priority to essence of Eritrea to its existentialism (those who supports you). Maybe, you have observed supporters and opposition of Eritreans. Don’t misunderstand it as supporters or opposition of political parties. No, that is not the case in Eritrea. The case of Eritrea is supporters who give existentialism priority to essence in Eritrea (those who oppose you), and the others who give essences priority to existentialism of Eritrea (those who support you). Not natural, but for  payment from the CIA, you chose to stand who gave priority to essences than existentialism of Eritrea. I cannot say it is unfortunate, since you do it purposely and it is essential for you. Otherwise, as a person, if it was a matter of existentiality than essential for you, I think you could have worked another decent job, than fabricating lies after lies against Eritrea.

Finally, existentialism of Eritrea prevails, because it is born by struggle and payment of precious blood. Essentiality of Eritrea comes after its existentialism and it is going to materialize as long as Eritrea gets peace and all hostility against it ceases. Particularly, hostility from you Martin Plaut.

Best regards
Tesfamicael Yohannes Teckle
Oslo, Norway

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