Through Mathematics Africa can advance in Technology and Science

Posted by: yonatan

Date: Monday, 21 February 2022

How can Africa advance in Math and science so it can explore the Universe? Let me tell you something. I Learn in Grade 1-12 different languages,

Grade 1-3 in Tigrinya (Eritrea, Africa)

Grade 4-5 in Amharic (Ethiopian, Africa)

Grade 6 didn't go school, Immigrated to Sudan - Arabic (Africa)

Grade 7-10 Germany the language is called Deutsch "Dosh"

Grade 11-12 English - USA

I was exposed to many different languages when I was growing up, and school wasn't easy for me to learn. To learn about languages and cultures, it was itself very challenging but I never gave up because I was on a mission to figure out how the west advances in technology and artificial intelligence. Intuitively, I knew that the west knows something that is abstract to us, so my mission is to figure out what they know and what kind of information we are lacking. I used to ask myself how the west advanced in technology and science and African didn't. Mathematics! Now, I'm thinking about the next generation 30 to 200 years from now we African can benefit from our contribution and research. That's why y0ou se0e me sharing about mathematics.

Now that I figure out what is behind all this technology and science, the secret is mathematics, I am studying my mother tongue (language) Tigrinya so that I can teach mathematics. I understand mathematics intuitively, and I am able to teach it in any language, so if any country, especially Africa, wants to advance in #science and #technology and #mathematics and I am able to consult.

The only challenge is now that we are used to learning mathematics in English and other western languages (German), do we accept and adapt easily to teach in African languages. I am willing and able to create even new African alphabets so mathematics can be taught with African languages so in half a century Africa can advance in science and technology and explore the Universe easily through mathematics.

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