WHEN HYENAS HOWL by Seble Ephrem

Posted by: Seble Ephrem

Date: Wednesday, 24 March 2021



by Seble Ephrem


Some vulnerable species will run for dear life, some will burrow holes in the ground to hide, some will swim or fly away, some will even change the colour of their skin to confuse and mislead, some will squirm and beg for mercy with trepidation, and still some doubters will stand starring hopelessly transfixed until doomed...just like human beings.

Eritrea is none of the above! She sits strategically, safely, comfortably perched on top of her beautiful mountains quietly observing, busily studious with her home improvements, obliging when needed, while unobtrusively participating and sharing with integrity in the troubled world below. A relatively new member of the world nations, the State of Eritrea shows serious responsibility working conscientiously towards fairness within societal inequalities and the resultant chaos, (including combating terrorism), towards reducing negative climate and environment evolutions, towards a balance in the economic and political turbulence, all of which are underpinned by the insatiable greed for power of the few.

Hence some international forces of power after a relative lull of four years are now sharpening their sabres to reactivate their fast waning status over Africa on the whole and in particular over the Horn area. Eritrea is once again being targeted for starters. Why? Could it be for the control of any enviable natural resources or to chase any unpaid obligation that she may owe? No, it’s neither. Succinctly she is incorruptible, principled, feisty, fiercely independent, a bad example to others who meekly toe the West’s orders. They know only too well these are Eritrea’s factual qualities which, in fairness, should be supported and empowered, but no, their spinning machine will spew emotively on “human rights”, “democracy”, “law and order”“humanitarian aid” as being wanton.

Nothing is farther from the truth as honest expats in the country would testify by relating horrendous stories they were fed prior to their arrival here, hence qualifying for “hardship allowances” additional to their lofty pay cheques. Both men and women comment of their feeling safe, tranquil, unimpeded at any time of any day in Eritrea.

Crucially the whole country is uniquely stable and in positive standing with her immediate neighbours and those of the region.

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And from the periphery one Jendayi Fraser pontificates:


What these forces must understand is that Eritrea is at peace with the people of Ethiopia, including those of the region of Tigray, and that both Eritrea and Ethiopia are at one in the fight and destruction of terrorist, anarchical elements.

The Obama Administration, now in power under another name is spitting blood, angered to the quick at the unexpected turn-around of the Eritrea-Ethiopia relationship from that of deadly enmity (which suited its divide & rule policy) to the now blossoming collaborative status (unhelpful to its monopoly) established during its absence and thanks in part to Donald Trump’s uninterested stance. This is a personal affront which must be reversed! The shame resulting from its blinking support (Oops!) of the hired TPLF, a terrorist organisation that spearheaded the current havoc in Ethiopia and their unexpected removal from power is unbearable. Yet the U.S. perseveres to resurrect the junta (or nurture similar rogues) if not via the UN, then by any other means! Finding willing partners is not laborious.

The Eritrean people are baffled by the ever moving goal posts the West imposes to suit its needs. On one hand it will seek partners in the fight against terrorism and human trafficking then, when caught red handed at creating and abeting terrorists, it strikes the victimised partner under a fabricated alibi!

This axis of double standards harping on their hegemony and adamant to enact their neo imperialist “continued colonisation” are once again in process to penalise the Eritrean people under the same “African initiative” pretext as previously branded by involving some arm twisting.

When will this axis of duplicity learn the Eritrean people who have endured and prevailed decades of worse pain and suffering unfairly inflicted on them by the same forces will only get stronger, and not bend to undue pressure, threats or any hyenas’ screeching howls?

Long live the Eritrea – Ethiopia Peace, Friendship, and Collaboration for sustainable respective and regional safety, security, and stability.

Seble Ephrem


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