In Memoriam of Nipsey

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Date: Wednesday, 10 April 2019

"In Memoriam of Nipsey"
Nipsey! Nipsey….
The rest of blissful, 
Sacred and peaceful Sunday
Punctuated by 
A walking shadow 
Oh, yes, death 
A common denominator
For every creature 
Great or small.
Nipsey! Nipsey….
Son of David
Of Biblical times
Symbolizing our little people
So humble, so redemptive
In spite of all odds
In this trouble spot
Of our volatile region.
Nipsey! Nipsey…
A Good Samaritan 
Who visited the sick
Fed the poor and needy
With his helping hands
In an age of narcissism 
Devoid of altruism.
Nipsey! Nipsey…..
A hope for despaired 
A hussle (energy) 
For the weak
A counselor for disoriented
A compass for prodigal 
An inspirational for downcast.
Nipsey! Nipsey….
You left a deep mark
In the old and young
For ever more
And for this….. 
A death has no dominion.
-Haile Bokure

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