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Merhawi: A Poem in Memory of Martrys' Day: Tigrigna and English Version

Posted by: Haile Bokure

Date: Wednesday, 20 June 2018

ብተጋዳላይ ሰለሙን ድራር
“መርሃዊ ሞይቱ ዝብልዎ”
መኣስ ሞይቱ!
ካብ መሬቱ፡ ኣብ መሬቱ፡ ናብ መሬቱ
ኣብ ምድረበዳ ኣብ ጎልጎል
ኣብ ኣኽራናት ኣብ ገደል
ብሓመድ እምኒ ተጸቒጡ
ዋላ የጽቅጥ ብድቃስ ተዋሒጡ
መኣስ’ሞ ሞይቱ መርሃዊ!
ዝወለደቶ ማህጸን ኰሪዓ
ዘደቀሰላ መሬት ጠጢዓ
ዝናፍቕዎ ኣሓት ኣሕዋት
መላእ ሕብረተ-ሰብ ቀረባ ርሑቓት
ሳልኡ! ሳልኡ! ሳልኡ! እናበሉ
ኣብ ጐደና ሓርነት ሸናዕ ኪብሉ
ንሱ’ዶ’ይኰነን ህያውነት መርሃዊ!!
ጨው ሰሊና ኣይበልዖን ኣዕጽምቱ
ቀዝሒ ሮራ ኣይጨምደዶን  ቆርበቱ
ምስጠሉ ኢዩ ዘሎ ደሙ
ናብ መትንታትና ልሒሙ
እነሀና’ንዶ ንወሳወስ
እንተዝመውት ድኣ ዘይንልዂሰስ?
እነሀና’ንዶ ንርኢ ነስተውዕል
እንተዝመውት ድኣ ዘይንዓውር?
መርሃዊ ሞይቱ ዝብል ድኣ መን’ዩ?
ካብ ንፋስ ሓርነት ዘየዳምጽ ድሃዩ።
በብራኹ እንተዘይኬድና
በዒንቱ እንተዘይተመራሕና
ቃሉ ብዘይምኽባር
ብጉዑ እንተወዲቁ ፍረና
ብህርፋን ስልጣን
ብኣድልዎ ወገን
ረሲኣን ኰይና ምስእንነዓዓቕ
ንጸላእቲ ምስእንፈጥር ፈቓቕ
ሞተ ማለት ሽዑ መርሃዊ
ብኣርባዕተ መኣዝን የእዊ።
ከም ማይን ጸባን
ከም ኢድን ማንካን
ዋልታ ሓድነት ገቲርና
ቃሉ ምስዘይነዕብር
ሳቮያ እንተኢልና ንህንጸት ሃገር
ሎሚ ኣይሞተ፡ ጽባሕ ኣይመውት መርሃዊ
ህያው’ዩ ዘለኣለማዊ።
ናይ ሞልዮናት ኣዒንቲ
ናይ ኣዳራሽ መብራህቲ
ሓዘን ኣየድልዮን ፍትሓት
ህያው’ዩ በዓል ፋረ’ምበሳ
ጻድቕ’ዩ ዘይብሉ ኣበሳ።
መርሃዊ ሞይቱ ዝብል መን’ዩ?
ካብ ንፋስ ሓርነት ዘየዳምጽ ድሃዩ
መርሃዊ ዝብል ተጋግዩ
ብወርቃዊ ምህርቱ ወርትግ ህያው’ዩ።  
“Who Said Mehawi Is Dead?
Buried in the ground
Heaped with stones,
Silent and at peace,
Merhawi comes home,
Back to his land-
Desert, highlands
And fields he farmed.
Is Merhawi dead?
His mother stands proud
And his bed blossoms.
From near and afar
His sisters and brothers
Come and sing
“Thanks, Merhawi, thanks,”
As they stroll down
Liberation Avenue.
“We love Merhawi!
Yeah Merhawi!”
Who said Merhawi is dead
And rots in a grave,
Or that the Red Sea salt
Eats home, and the front
North and Rora
Burns his skin.
If we see his blood
Shimmering in our veins,
Stride with him
Instead of limping,
And see for miles
Instead of being blind?
Who said Merhawi is dead?
Can’t they hear
Following is the English version:  “ Who Said Merhawi Is Dead” by Tegadalay Solomon Dirar. It is copied from the book: “ Who Needs A Story?”  
Mehrahi ,Merhawi.
In the whirlwind
Of the revolution?
We must walk with his knees,
See with his eyes
And live by his words
Or we fall like unripe fruit
Into corruption.
Selfishness and greed,
And the root spreads
With no respect
Or care until
Oblivion cracks
Us limb by limb,
Enemies pour in
From all directions.
And the answer to
“Is Merhawi dead?”
Will be “Yes, It’s true,”
Meaning our end, too,
Instead of his vision
For our future:
Working together
Like water and milk.
And a perfect fit
Of hand and glove-
Eager for the test
To build our nation
Today, tomorrow
And always with him
Who will never die
Showing the way:
One glorious beam
And millions of eyes
Knowing how to shine
With no need for tears
And memorials…
But only if Merhawi lives!
Only if the lion slayer
Lives unrepentantly.
His name, “Merhawi, Merhawi”
In the whirlwind
Of the revolution!
Can you hear?
Who said Merhawi is dead?
Can they save us
Like his name,
Harvesting the fields of gold?
Who said Merhawi is dead?
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