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Eritrea’s Amiable Progress

Posted by: Brhane Woldu

Date: Friday, 16 March 2018

By: Berhane Woldu

From zero economy and forecasted by the Economist and Chatham House as non –Existent State after 2004; Eritrea has now transformed into avant-grade Nation where no one is left behind. African countries on the other hand are in turmoil: Burkina Faso, D.R. of Congo, Guinea and Nigeria are engrossed with civil war. Ethiopia’s Woyne is begging donor nations to feed its 7 million starving people. Adding salt to wound Woynae has declared State of Emergency displacing and killing innocent Ethiopians while amassing Billions of dollars into their pockets.    

In Eritrea rural development has been given priority and has brought phenomenon gains in the living standard of the population. There are no children walking bare footed and no village is without basic social services.  A good economy is one that meets everyone’s basic needs, one that avoids inequality and enhances wellbeing. National wealth distribution and fairness that lessens income inequality, promotes social cohesiveness and incentivizes hard work. Public health is a major indicator of how a nation is performing “avoidable death” is a measure that captures the quality of health intervention inclusive of treatment and prevention. Education is a milestone measurement: as education promotes empowerment and opportunity for good jobs. It’s an intervention for political stability and socio-economic growth. The Eritrean government has been working to prop up Food security, human capacity, health, transportation and rural development. This is what one calls Good Governance.

To avert draught and expand farming the Eritrean government has constructed strategic dams The nationwide soil and water conservation programs have been on going to revitalize the environment and boost potential of the agriculture sector. Case in point: Anseba region in 2017, 230 Km. long terraces have been constructed and 71 Km. long terraces renovated by student summer work program. A total of 4.5 million tree seedlings were grown. Enclosures for wildlife and protected area had guaranteed forestland that has increased the number of wildlife. In the most remote area 85 dams worth 100 million Nakfa have been constructed. The “Minimum Integrated Household Agriculture” project is providing families with dairy cattle, two bee hives, 25 chicks, vegetable, fruits and cereals seeds to increase farmers’ nutritional intake and food security. Agro-based industries in Eritrea are expanding. Irrigation based agriculture has increased output in cereal corps, vegetables, fruits, honey and livestock. Prices on vegetables, milk, cereal and meat have dramatically decreased.

The State of Eritrea in December 2009 revised its national police on Education “all citizens have access, equity, relevance and quality, unity and diversity science and technology, to attain their potential and to contribute to the nation”. Education promotes individual freedom and empowerment and is an intervention for economic growth and civil society that promotes political stability.

 Realizing the need for skilled labor and education being the fundamental right that all nationals are entitled to, the government built elementary, junior, secondary, and vocational schools. In remote areas boarding schools are built assuring access and equity as well as quality. In the Southern region there are 505 educational institutions ranging from kindergarten to High school as well as two colleges. Enrolment 1991 was 248,000 today its 750,000. Literacy rate for youth in Eritrea are amongst the highest in Africa with good gender parity. The nation has now seven colleges and one university to provide higher education that are accredited by the Nordic States. The University Of Eritrea Institute Of Technology which has six thousand (6,000) students has expanded, with four modernly equipped laboratories and five story high science building. Higher Education cooperation between Eritrea and Finland has focused on improved quality and relevance of higher education, enhanced management, improved teaching and learning and strengthened the relevance of higher education to societal development.

Health for all is the motto in Eritrea. The health system provides sustainable and excellent health care that is effective, efficient, accessible, acceptable and affordable to all citizens. Eritrea’s health expectancy stands at 67 years old high for an Africa. In 1991 there were 16 hospitals and 77 health centers today there are 29 hospitals and 310 health centers providing quality services. The Ministry of Health in collaboration with UK based University of Dundee, has been giving distance education. Over 150 students have been awarded Bachelor degrees and more students are enrolled in the post graduate programs in Advance Nursing Practice and Global Health and Well-being. The Ministry of Health has set its strategic plan on its human development by training Nationals locally in health training institutions, online distance learning Master’s in Public Health. In addition overseas studies and specialization in Laboratory, Entomology, Mental Health as well as Specialization for MDs, oncology, technology and biomedical engineering are being perused. “The goal is to provide Universal Health Coverage inclusive of quality health services to the population” Minister of Health Ms. Amina.

Mass transportation has increased from 26 line services to 294, transporting 92.4 million passengers a year. There are bus services to and from 1890 villages accounting to 85% of the rural area. Electrification has increased to 65% of rural areas and 100% to urban areas. Clean tap water distribution is reaching 85% of the rural area.   

As stated above Eritrea has come a long way to its economic development program has now leaped forward to sustainable economic development and prospers life for the population with bright future for the young. The Eritrean government and people are working hard in developing the Nation and that Eritrea has gone through an economic transformation becoming  a modern Nation where peace and stability is the axiom.

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