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Oakland Community at the 2018 Women's March - Oakland

Posted by: Ruth Zerezghi

Date: Sunday, 21 January 2018

As part of the Oakland community's continuous efforts to educate people and promote Eritrea, members of various organizations (ECC Oakland, NCEA, Hamade) marched along side an estimated 40,000 people in Oakland in solidarity of women's rights and freedom for all marginalized communities!

Americans and other African diaspora demonstrators were excited learn that there was an Eritrean Women's Union and to learn about Eritrea and the local community. We are looking forward to continuing to develop the relationships that were launched yesterday and to build even more relationships as we introduce people to the Eritrean struggle. 

Awet n'hafash!

See videos & pictures here:

Photo Album - Eritrean Diaspora at 2018 Womens' March - Oakland

Video - Eritrean Diaspora at 2018 Women's Day March - Oakland

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Eritrean Community Cultural & Civic Center (aka ECC Oakland)

955 W. Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94607 ­ (510) 652-1991 ­


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