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Africa’s Give away: Western Insincerity and Mendaciousness!!!!!

Posted by: Brhane Woldu

Date: Thursday, 27 July 2017

By: Berhane Woldu

Independence from European colonialism 21st century Africa was endowed with the opportunity of political freedom, mining, trade, tourism, and technology that brings new prosperity. What we witness instead is an African continent that is being reaped off by the World richest countries, besieged in civil war and famine. According to a British African study in 2015 African countries took in 162 billion dollars in loan aid and remittance. At the same time they were reaped of or gave away 203 billion dollars. African countries loose annually over 40 billion dollars to the richest country of the World in other words the world richest countries take, steal and procure 40 billion dollars of starving Africans. Furthermore 47 African countries have a deficit of 41.3 billion dollar on their annual national budget that has become a hindrance to alleviate poverty. Annually 68 billion dollars is smuggled out of Africa illegally. African countries in 2015 took a loan of 32 billion dollar with a service cost of 18 billion dollar. In short Africa is the “Cash Cow” for developed nations.

African union (AU) concluded  its submit of 2017 the biggest agenda was that of its fincial sustainability; after fifty years of formation AU is still unable to fund its organization and be independent of its colonial master. AU is a good example of African state affairs; it’s financed, managed and manipulated by Western Colonial organization and CIA. AU is African diplomatic hub where the US and EU conducts their Africa related diplomatic schemes.

 Merkel of Germany has new theme “Vision for Africa” is Markel’s vision any different than the Francophone Africa arrangements? Macron of France has stated “France ready for Radically New Path” hope he is going to undo and negate the “Colonial Tax System”. France is the major beneficiary of African wealth the “Colonial tax system” transfers over 500 billion dollars from Africa to France’s treasury every year.  “We have to be honest, and acknowledge that a big part of the money in our banks come from the exploitation of the African Continent” Former French President Jacques Chirac.

Democratic Republic of Congo has 24 Trillion dollar worth of National wealth. With all this wealth Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) is in disarray 3,300 people have been killed due to civil war between the army and the opposition; 20 cities have been totally destroyed. In 2017 the largest refugees entering the USA are people from DRC. Over 1.2 million of them have migrated into neighboring country.  The Colonial master France has a peace keeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo; yet the DRC is inundated with violence and uncertainty. Blessed with so much wealth DRC has been in misery for decades its wealth has become a curse. Central African Republic has been in turmoil peace agreement has failed religious based war has killed countless people. Nigeria, Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Somalia, Central Africa, Mali has been subject to civil war, rebellions, and internal conflicts. Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are facing famine of grate magnitude. With all these evil deeds Dictators and ethnic based governments have survived and continue to subjugate their nationals.  

To stay in power African leaders’ built a collection of merciless agencies in their respective countries that grew in the dark these agencies are engaged in election fixing, bribery and capital accumulations their activities are exempted oversight. Case in point: Ethiopian Minority regime dominated by Tigrians has created a wide net to spy on politicians, civil rights activists and suspicious persons. Uses secrecy masterfully, builds power and avoid legal restraints. The Minority regime is known to have directed their undercover agents to monitor position parties, university newspaper, civil liberties, lawyers and liberal members of the ruling party are targeted free expression are banned. Furthermore Investigation without once acknowledgment and to make summary action against suspicious lawyers over riding individual rights has become the norm. With the rebellion of the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups the Minority regime has claimed conspiracy leading to spying, roundups and loyalty investigation. Via “State of Emergency” the Minority Regime has silenced the popular uprising for now. Forgetting tolerance brutal and ruthless has become the fiber of the Minority regime national life infecting political, court and the police and dismissing civil servants without formality. It has also started to monitor and censor international communication blocking Face book, Twitter and the likes; lunching a propaganda campaign against legal political parties and opposition forces outside the country. Responding to the immediate crises of mass civil disobedience the Minority regime built on a lasting frame work of secret loyalty investigation, domestic surveillance and covert action lucking leadership and negative public debate. There followed a battle between all inclusive Ethiopian political parties and Tigrians dominated Regime Leaders of unmatched laying skills, manipulation, corrupted leading to the uncertainty of Ethiopia’s unity.  

Africa after sixty years of independence hasn’t been able to form a modern state or build National identities that supersede ethnic loyalty. With its “Patrimonial” politics centered on the “Big Man” cultivates images that are Nationalistic but what we witness are ethnicity and corruption. The Patrimonial leader remains at center sharing the National Wealth with family and friends. Governance through weak institutions is cause of foreign powers meddling in the exploitation and snatching of natural resources. African countries luck the basic political institutions; strong capable states, rule of law that guarantees property rights, capacity to tax and transparency in the distribution of National wealth. African leaders getting their cut filled with greed have sold out allowing their populations to dye of famine and their country ravaged with civil war. It’s strident time for the young and educated Africans to demand and ascertain Nation of Strong States take the lead in leader ship and be an agent of change.

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