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A Credible Scenario for WW3 to Start Soon

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Date: Thursday, 13 June 2024

A Credible Scenario for WW3 to Start Soon

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

The credible geostrategic prognosticators about the war in Ukraine thus far have been the ones (such as Scott Ritter) who have been saying that this would be a war of attrition and that if it will end that way, then Russia will win it, because its forces will outlast Ukraine’s, no matter how much armament NATO provides. These are the prognosticators who have been correct thus far, but nobody knows whether this war will end as a war of attrition, or instead become transformed into an all-out war by NATO to destroy Russia. That would definitely be WW3, and nobody would win it, because it would destroy the world — everyone would lose from it; and, according to the scientific analyses, the global death-rate within two years would be 50%, and the survivors that long would wish they weren’t. Here is a very credible scenario in which the war in Ukraine will enormously expand to WW3 and end that way, in global annihilation — not in any real victory for either side:

Right now, the U.S. is preparing to send nuclear-capable F-16s into Romania, Poland, and maybe (but far less likely) Slovakia, which will then join in Ukraine’s war by bombing Russian forces in Ukraine, while NATO will feel itself protected by its Article Five Treaty-commitment to assist each other if any one of them is attacked (such as: if Russia then bombs Poland, Romania, and/or Slovakia, for having bombed its forces in Ukraine). The idea here is that Russia certainly wouldn’t bomb (via missile and/or plane) any NATO country. However, Russia has already said that it would if America’s NATO aggression-alliance does this. Yet Biden nonetheless says he’s going to do it. Maybe he’ll do it soon after November 5th regardless of whether he wins or loses the election.

The point in time when that Russia-versus-NATO war would become WW3 is when either Russia or NATO is just about to lose that conventional war and will then face only two options: either surrendering to the enemy at that stage, or else suddenly escalating to an immense multi-thousand-nuke attack to annihillate its enemy’s ability to respond with equal force. Since the nuclear phase of the war would be its final phase, that would be the way the war will end, if Biden does what he’s saying that he will do.

Perhaps Biden is intending to send F-16s into Ukraine’s war in order to reduce the likelihood that Russia will win the war before the November 5th election, because he wants — above all else — to remain in office for a second term (which will be virtually impossible if Russia wins in Ukraine before November 5th). In that case, his most urgent short-term priority is to prevent any Russian victory to occur before November 5th. So, he almost certainly wouldn’t want any of those nuclear-war-capable F-16s delivered to the U.S. air bases in Europe prior to November 5th (since it might spark nuclear WW3).

Even beyond Biden, NATO itself has expressed that Russia must not be allowed to win its war against Ukraine. It’s already a war between U.S.-NATO versus Russia, not really between Ukraine and Russia. For Russia, Russia's very existence as a sovereign nation (instead of to become yet another American colony) is at stake here. For Biden and for America-NATO, their continuing to rule over the entire world is what’s at stake — America’s continuing global supremacy is on the line in this war. As for Ukraine, it ceased to be a sovereign nation during Obama’s February 2014 coup, which grabbed control over it. The Russia scholar Gordon Hahn also stated this very clearly and indisputably in his 18 July 2023 “Biden’s Ukraine Blackmail”, which opened:

U.S. President Joseph Biden and not surprisingly NATO made it evidently clear that there will be no Ukrainian membership in NATO until after the war. This stipulation, and the requirement – objective and subjective – of Ukraine’s victory over Russia in the war, constitutes a form of de facto blackmail of Kiev on the part of the West. This dooms Ukraine to fight ‘as long as it takes’ – in the sloganeering vernacular of the White House – to the cliched but very real last Ukrainian in order to gain NATO membership.

Ukraine is the U.S. regime’s slavish automaton. The principals in this war don’t include Ukraine — it’s merely the battlefield for this war between Biden (who wants to be re-elected and then to rule over the entire world) and Russia (which refuses to become just another American colony — as Ukraine already is).

Here’s the question: What will happen when the current conventional war in Ukraine reaches near a victory for either side over the other — will the war then become overtly a U.S.-v.-Russia war? If it will, then that will be the nuclear phase of WW3. If it won’t, then either the U.S. regime will finally climb down from its imperial perch, or else Russia will finally become yet another American colony, and the war in Ukraine won’t transform into WW3. That peaceful end of the war would be a defeat for the U.S. regime.

And as for Ukraine itself: it ended when it became captured by the U.S. regime in 2014.

Though Ukraine is not a NATO member, Biden said recently of Ukraine, that “they are part of NATO.” And almost all the rest of NATO countries are behaving that way. However, NATO’s Secretary General, the U.S.-appointed Jens Stoltenberg, isn’t that impatient — he said, on June 12th: “We need to ensure that Ukraine prevails – that’s an absolute minimum for Ukraine to become a member of the alliance.” So, not everyone in NATO is committed to the same time-line. It’s like Gordon Hahn said: it is nuclear blackmail against Ukraine. And Stoltenberg doesn’t care when Russia will be defeated — only that Russia will be defeated. And he knows that America is the aggressor in this war (though he lies to deny that). (And only fools still think of this war as being between Ukraine and Russia instead of between America and Russia.)

Everyone has a stake in this matter, because if Biden is really determined to conquer Russia, then we probably won’t be around for much longer. In this war, Russia will do whatever it has to do in order not to become a slave-state of the U.S. empire. But Biden will do whatever he wants to do. Like when he said of Ukraine, “they are part of NATO”, it’s wishful thinking on his part, but this is common for Government officials, particularly in empires. If, on the other hand, Biden is willing to retire without dragging the world beyond the nuclear brink into the universal nuclear abyss, then the world will probably survive for at least another few years. However, Biden does have a strong tendency to believe whatever he wants to believe. In this regard, he’s similar to such imperialist leaders as George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler, both of whom led their respective countries into lie-based wars that were very favorable for their respective countries’ billionaires, wars on the basis of the national leader’s false beliefs ‘justifying’ those decisions, which were so helpful to his megadonors. 

Biden very much fits this mold. He built his entire career winning the support of, and serving the interests of, billionaires. They are the people whom he actually represents. However, as for Putin: he really does represent the people of Russia, and the only thing worse in the Russian people’s eyes, than war and especially one which can produce not merely the destruction of a WW2 but the mutual annihilation of a WW3, would be their going down without taking down all of the enemy as well — it’s like the people in the Warsaw ghetto decided to do when the Nazis made the decision to eliminate all of them: they rebelled and killed as many of the Nazis as they could. They refused to go down without resisting to the max. After Hitler died, his global-supremacist spirit took over inside the U.S. and UK Governments, and that takeover of the U.S. Government has led to this. For the U.S.-Government side, anti-communism was only the excuse, as everybody learned when NATO continued after the the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact terminated in 1991, and NATO even had the nerve (so natural for any empire) to expand — in this case, right up to Russia’s border — despite having promised it wouldn’t. So, of course, the Russians won’t take this lying down; they won’t allow the U.S. version of Nazi Germany’s Operation Barbarossa to succeed at what Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa original version had failed to achieve. 

Even if Putin did not exist, this situation would exist. And it does exist. But if there will be a WW3, then at least five billion people will die from it within two years; it would dwarf WW2’s casualties. WW3 would not end at all like WW2 did. It would be a world-ending war. The first, last, and only, one. In that case, then, Biden would be even worse than Hitler was.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s latest book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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