Dehai News Beware Of The Frankenstein: How Abiy Ahmed Brought The TPLF Back From The Dead – OpEd

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Wednesday, 12 June 2024


*A Typical denial & treachery of consecutive Elites and Ethiopian ruling classes about the profound role of the Eritrean People's Army saving Ethiopia from several dangers of disintegration.....

*=>The Eritrean People's Liberation Army/Shaebia [E•P•L•A•] and now the Eritrea People's Defense Forces [E•P•D•F•] had saved Ethiopia, in many Ways, from a political Desintegration and possibilities of Dangers of national Desintegration Four Times....

The TPLF was soundly beaten by the then Ethiopian Military and Amhara Fano joint forces after its gut-wrenching attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Army. 

Abiy betrayed the Amhara Fano and unilaterally negotiated the Pretoria peace treaty with the TPLF courtesy of American Horn of African envoy Mike Hammer. Flagrantly violating the Pretoria disarmament agreement, the TPLF has now started to wage war against Welkait and to reoccupy the region with the help of the Abiy Ahmed’s regime.

The TPLF now claims to have a total fighting force of about 300,000 troops, which includes Samri-TPLF youths who fled to Sudan during the Tigray war and received military training there.

It is to be remembered that the Samri youth group perpetrated the Mikadra massacre in which over 1,500 Amhara civilians were brutally slaughtered and left on the streets.

Abiy’s latest manoeuvre appears to be an attempt to deflect Amhara Fano’s focus on paralysing the dictatorship in Addis Ababa to the Welkait Plus flashpoint. The Amhara Fano patriots know exactly where to concentrate their forces. As a layman, crippling Abiy’s grip on central power in Addis Ababa would almost automatically deal a body blow to TPLF’s adventurist last-gasp attempt to reoccupy Welkait Plus. There will never be peace or progress in Ethiopia and the very existence of Ethiopia itself will always be at risk unless the cancers of the TPLF, OPDO, OLF and Beaden are duly removed from the Ethiopian body politic.

Indeed, Abiy has achieved the impossible: he has resuscitated and reinstated the broken and buried TPLF so that he can extend his reign of terror, chaos and dismantlement in Ethiopia.


Girma Berhanu

   *Girma Berhanu, Department of Education and Special Education (Professor), University of Gothenburg

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