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( Eritrea celebrates its freedom and independence

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 18 September 2023

Eritrea celebrates its freedom and independence

Published on  18 September 2023
by Enrico Vigna

The Eritrean people celebrated this year their 32 years of independence and freedom from colonial and imperialist yokes and on September 8, the 62nd anniversary of their national liberation struggle. Eritrea is an independent and sovereign state that does not accept diktats or impositions of any kind from any external power and firmly maintains this line, rejecting any relationship with the US AFRICOM ( Africa Command) 

This choice, naturally, places him in the sights of the United States and Western countries, in fact for years he has been subjected to sanctions, pressure, threats, blackmail, to make him withdraw from this position of freedom and agree to submit to the Western hegemonic world order.

Eritrea is a small nation in the Horn of Africa with a population of 6 million people, in 1991 it obtained its independence with very high human costs and suffering, it has a socialist social and political order, which is why the USA , they consider it a “ rogue state ” and oppose it so harshly.

While many African countries with subservient governments champion foreign interests, as in the case of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), they act as established by Washington to sanction and even declare war on Niger , or any people who take in the hands of its own country, Eritrea celebrates its complete independence from foreign control. 

In these 32 years Eritrea has succeeded where others have been defeated. Washington and his minions are ever vigilant in their control of African nations. When leaders acting on behalf of their people rise up, they are often brought down by a concerted effort by the United States and its colonizing partners, such as France . This was the fate of Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara and Muammar Gaddafi , to name a few.

The exclusion of Eritrea from Biden 's 2022 summit with African nations, yet another provocation, was further proof of the fact that those who work in the national interest and of its people and, ultimately, of all African people , according to the criteria of the US-led unipolar world order, it must be dismembered.

Both in the Russia/Africa forum , recently held in Russia , and in the African Climate Summit on 5 September, through its president Isaias Afewerki , a firm and resolute policy and strategy of independence and sovereignty was reiterated, stating that Eritrea it fully recognizes itself in the BRICS project and in the construction of a new equal world order between large countries and small countries, which guarantees autonomous choices for development and in the national interest of each.

The international media, subjugated to the USA , continually spread lies, calling it a " prison camp " and a dictatorial regime. In reality, it is enough just to see the images of the continuous popular demonstrations in the squares to understand the level of widespread falsehoods and the cohesion with the leadership of the government. In reality it is a developing country that faces great difficulties created by US sanctions, but which primarily aims to take care of its people.

Through sanctions they try to subdue and bend the country's leadership, which, due to these and the blockages of the international financial system, such as that of SWIFT transactions, prevents the flow of money with foreign countries, creating difficult situations particularly in healthcare (which is public), for medicines and medical equipment, but also in schools and universities, as well as for industrial and energy infrastructures. Eritrea is defined by Western media as the North Korea of ​​Africa, a subtle methodology of demonization, to try to invalidate it as a nation inhabited by human beings with rights, and to make its government be considered an outcast to be ignored, or perhaps even destroyed, with the excuse of a change of regime... to return to the countries “civilians”.

Press release from the Popular Front for Democracy and Justice 

September 5, 2023

“ As we commemorate and celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the beginning of our liberation struggle, it is timely to reflect on its indelible historical significance and meaning all along. September 8 is a national holiday in the Eritrean calendar, as a day of remembrance and promise. Eritrea was born from the struggle to wrest its existence from the cruel situation of its oppression through a long and almost impossible struggle, and after its independence it foiled a series of invasions, fought external opposition from the powerful and secured an independent existence through her struggle, relying on herself.

It is a combative country that fights with trust and faith, characterized by perseverance and resistance.

In Eritrea, the subtle strength of conception, conscience, belief in purpose, unity, perseverance and determination is especially respected. This subtle force is the foundation of the country and is a creator of development and prosperity. Knowing this, our enemies are trying to weaken this subtle force through conspiracies, pressure, accusations and psychological warfare. But it is obvious that the struggle cannot bear fruit and succeed without the right foundation and the right path. This was demonstrated by the bitter experience in the Eritrean struggle.The crisis and civil war that occurred in the early years of the liberation struggle, when a clear national vision, program, organization and leadership had not been developed, are an example of this. In the course of the struggle, however, the revolutionary vision, programme, organization and leadership that built the HLF as a leading party developed and our liberation struggle ended successfully. Today, the struggle to build a country worthy of our noble aspirations and precious sacrifices must continue. In this struggle, the Popular Front for Democracy and Justice , successor to the Eritrean Liberation Front and theEritrean People's Liberation Front ,as a continuer of the historical legacy, guarantor of the establishment of the unity and rights of the Eritrean people, has the historical mission to fight against all narrow and divisive micronational tendencies and practices. The mission and responsibility of the FPDG in nation building are historically determined and not arbitrary. In a profound sense, it is a historical necessity that it remains and strengthens as a center of attraction of national politics, serving the fundamental interests of the Eritrean people and their sustainable development.The FPDG has the mission to build a strong and prosperous Eritrea, based on broad public participation and social justice, without isolating itself from the people and being faithful to their interests. As we celebrate our 62nd anniversary, we should remember and be proud of the long journey of victories we have achieved. Moving forward, we are working to build a strong, social justice-based, people-centered national economy, while strengthening our independence and sovereignty through broad, organized and strong participation of our people. Historically, Eritrea has been a country dedicated to regional stability and cooperation, as well as the creation of a new, just international order, based on equality and complementarity.As our region is still rocked by conflict and instability, Eritrea must continue to work tirelessly to build regional peace and stability and, beyond that, a new system of regional cooperation and integration.Likewise, at the international level, in this transition phase in which the unipolar economic regime is in crisis and in decline, Eritrea must struggle with all peoples and forces seeking justice and peace, against the forces of domination and of greed driven by the vested interests of a few and do its part to build a new multipolar international order. As we celebrate the 62nd anniversary of our liberation struggle on September 8, we have a duty of historical legacy, to remember the hard struggle and sacrifices paid for the cause of the people, for justice and human dignity, which are the foundation of our independent national development. The FPDGwill continue this struggle to fulfill its historic mission by cultivating a capable generation and strong national institutions, which will take up this legacy and continue the story. We will realize the legacy of September 8, 1991, building a civilized Eritrea!

May our martyrs be buried in peace, because the fight continues! Victory to the masses!

Popular Front for Democracy and Justice, 1 September 2023, Asmara