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Eritrea Festival in Gießen: Interior Committee brings light into the darkness

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Saturday, 02 September 2023

Young World newspaper

From: Edition of September 2nd, 2023 , page 1 / Germany

Interior Committee brings light into the darkness

Eritrea Festival in Gießen: “Eritrean” applicant for counter-demo comes from Ethiopia

By Ina Sembdner

Attacks on the police: Police officers surround a group of people on the edge of the Eritrea Festival in Gießen – a water cannon is ready in the background.
Police officers surround a group of people on the edge of the Eritrea Festival in Gießen – a water cannon is ready in the background. © Helmut Fricke/​dpa

The story of clashes between Eritreans on German soil has collapsed. At the meeting of the Hessian interior committee on Friday in Wiesbaden, the FDP parliamentary group submitted an urgent report request for "processing the riots at the Eritrea Festival". At the beginning of July there were violent attacks on police officers and the event in Gießen, and the city was in a state of emergency for days. As the FDP spokesman for domestic policy, Jörg-Uwe Hahn, subsequently announced in a press release, "it was confirmed today that the person who reported the counter-demonstration came from Ethiopia". What is meant is Tsehainesh Kiros, who has so far posed as an opposition Eritrean who is demonstrating against the "dictatorial president".

The statement by Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) on Kiros now confirms - at least in part - the allegations that the violent mobs, which have also attacked international Eritrea festivals, are Ethiopians. Because they speak the same language, it is easy for them to pretend to be Eritrean refugees and be granted asylum because of this. It can be assumed that "the perpetrators of violence are violent groups led by the probably extremist organization 'Brigade N'Hamedu' from Tigray (Northern Ethiopia)," Hahn also said.

Questions about personal identification procedures could not be answered so far because the investigations are ongoing. And on Friday, too, the responsible police inspector in Wiesbaden stated that a report on the incidents was not to be expected until the end of October or the beginning of November, as jW was reported from there. So after the Hessian state elections. Because the air could now be getting thin, especially for the Gießener Grünen boss Klaus-Dieter Grothe. In recent years, the politician – together with Kiros – has been in charge of the counter-demonstrations. However, he always told local newspapers that he only supported the non-violent, peaceful Eritrean opposition.

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