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Mass brawl in Rijswijk-Holland prior to Eritrean festival: riot police deployed

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 28 May 2023

Mass brawl Eritreans at conference center in Rijswijk-Holland

Rijswijk - A massive brawl took place at a conference center on Lange Kleiweg on Sunday afternoon, in which there was also stabbing and hammering.

The police received a report that hundreds of Eritreans were going to fight. On arrival, several people were injured.

Officers cordoned off multiple crime scenes  (PD). A police helicopter has provided aerial support to the officers on the street. 

The Mobile Unit (ME) has also been deployed. riot police with helmets, shields and the long bar have driven the groups apart. 

According to those involved, it would be a party to celebrate the Independence Day of May 24. Eritreans who are against the regime of President Essiyas do not want this to be celebrated and came to disrupt the party.

A person has been bitten by a police dog, someone has been beaten with a hammer and someone has also been stabbed. In addition, several people were injured in the fighting.

Part of the Plaspoelpolder industrial estate was closed off by the police. The party was supposed to start, but was eventually canceled for safety reasons. A large number of agents sent home the remaining people present in the banquet hall under escort / protection. 

On Twitter, mayor Huri Sahin van Rijswijk calls it 'terrible that people have been injured in the disorder'.

Last year, the same party at the same location was banned by the judge because of the risks. In 2017, another  party with Eritreans also got out of hand .
Watch the video of the events surrounding the Eritrean party in a hall center in Rijswijk, which was canceled after a massive brawl, stabbing and assault.
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