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An open letter to The Us ambassador in Eritrea

Posted by: Tesfamicael Yohannes

Date: Tuesday, 09 November 2021

The US Ambassador to Eritrea is supposed to work for consolidating and bringing together for mutual benefit of the US and Eritrea. That is normal work of an ambassador.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the US and Eritrea spoiled in the late 1930s. At that time, when the then emerorr of Ethiopia king Haile Selassie was looking for either Somalia og Djibouti, the US advised the emperor to abandon the idea and instead to look for Eritrea. For reference of this idea of the US read a book written by the then advisor of the emperor John Spenser, a book called Ethiopia at bay.

The strategic interest of the US on HOA preceded the well being of Eritreans. Consequently, Eritreans were persuaded to wage bloody war for 30 years for independence. The damage done by the US to Eritrea was not enough and continued to be applied during the proxy war by hiring the clique TPLF during years from 1998 to 2000. Before the start of the war by TPLF against Eritrea, the then ambassador of the US to Ethiopia, DR Shinn gathered the authorities of TPLF in Adigrat and gave them green light to start the war.

The hostility of the US to Eritrea is not going to stop until the strategic interest of the US is fulfilled. What we Eritreans anticipate, to be stratig interest of the US is obvious, and it is the natural location of Eritrea at the opening mouth of the Red Sea. But, what do they want to have from Eritrea? Is it a base? Or do they want Eritrea to be their servant like TPLF? Or, precisely what do they want?

The US did more than enough damage to Eritrea. If it fails to fulfil its overt and covert machinations, it uses sanction as a weapon. For a small country like Eritrea, sanction is huge damage. Especially Eritrea, after a long war for independence and continuing subversive action from TPLF, Eritrea didn't get pause to concentrate on building up the nation. 

The Us failed to kneel down Eritrea and the reason for the failure is due to the resilience and unity of the Eritrean government and the people of Eritrea. So, let the ambassador of the US to Eritrea know that the strategic interest of the US in Eritrea would not be fulfilled at the cost of Eritrean independence and sovereignty. There is an alternative and it is a positive and healthy diplomatic relationship between the US and Eritrea. A positive and healthy relationship would come from a positive and healthy ambassador, not from a negative and sick ambassador.

Best regards
Tesfamicael Yohannes Teckle
Oslo, Norway

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