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Summary of Programmes on Embassy Media on the Occasion of the 31st Anniversary of Operation Fenkil

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Friday, 05 March 2021

Summary of Programmes on Embassy Media on the Occasion of the 31st Anniversary of Operation Fenkil

On the 24th of May 1991, forces of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) liberated Asmara, the Eritrean capital, bringing to an end the Eritrean armed liberation struggle that had began thirty years earlier in 1991.

Ever since then, Operation Fenkil — in which the Port City of Massawa was liberated in February 1990 by the EPLF, marking the inevitability of the independence of Eritrea — has been colourfully celebrated by Eritreans each year in the month of February.

In keeping with this tradition, Eritrean Embassy Media in honour of the occasion starting from 8th February 2021 had presented a series of interviews of men and women who had taken part in Operation Fenkil. In all there were seven days of broadcasting, with each day featuring a different guest.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic in years gone by, Eritreans would have gathered wherever they maybe to stage huge celebrations in honour of those who had made Operation Fenkil the great military and political success it was. However, this has not been possible this year and for the fourth time since the onset of the Covid pandemic, Eritrean Embassy Media has successfully managed to host a virtual celebration which has been enthusiastically followed by Eritreans all over the World, serving to bring the global Eritrean community to together – putting in practice the EPLF’s well established principle of changing adversity into an advantage.

Through the platform provided by Eritrean Embassy Media, the Head of Consular Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in London, was able to brief Eritreans residing abroad, in particular those in the UK, about the changes to services to the consular services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first day of the programmes focused on the current anti-Eritrea social media campaign being waged by the enemies of Eritrea and gave an opportunity to several Eritreans who are actively involved in debunking the lies and misinformation that is being spread on social media platforms.

Days two to six were dedicated to giving EPLF fighters that had participated in Operation Fenkil a chance to tell their stories. Each day featured a different guest, who despite the emotions that the memories evoked, kindly shared their experiences.

The accounts of these brave men and women clearly showed the challenges that the EPLF faced and how it managed to overcome them. The personal stories brought to life the immense hardship and the great sacrifice paid to ensure the success of Operation Fenkil and ultimately achieve the independence of Eritrea.
Listening to these accounts, one is reminded of the harrowing nature of war and the destruction that it entails. These fighters had chosen to join the EPLF at a very young age, voluntarily and knowingly foregoing their irreplaceable youth for the sake of their people and Nation.

The experiences of these fighters is not unique, but is representative of the common experience of the EPLF fighters that had participated in the Eritrean liberation struggle. Eritrea Embassy Media in giving these select individuals a chance to share their memories, was in essence presenting the story behind the liberation of Eritrea shared by all.

Eritrean Embassy Media wishes to thank, Mr Mesfun (Wedi Arbate), Mr. Issac Fesshaie (Wedi Sheba), Mr. Yemane Eskia, Mrs. Rahel Ghebrehiwet, and Mr. Bereket Tekeste for sharing their stories and making the week the success that it has been. Through their recounting of their own past they have enriched our knowledge of Operation Fenkil and broadened our understanding of Eritrean history as a whole.

Eritrean Embassy Media takes this opportunity to salute all those who have fought for Eritrea’s independence and those who continue to pay great sacrifices to maintain the hard won sovereignty of Eritrea.

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