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Embassy Media Special Broadcast 21 November – 15 December 2020

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Friday, 23 October 2020

Embassy Media Special Broadcast 21 November – 15 December 2020

Warsay – 'The Pride of Three Generations'

It is said that every generation must find, fulfil or betray its mission and the expectation of this generation is to fulfil its mission through commitment, determination and fortitude. The history of the Eritrean struggle for independence is the history of the tenacious, intellectual and selfless youth both from inside and out of the country. The Eritrean youth is a generation striving to accomplish its vision whilst encompassing our rich national heritage and history and remaining committed to the Eritrean values of our struggle and political independence with distinguished level of organisation and cohesion.

Embassy Media is pleased to present a special broadcast under the theme of ‘Warsay – The Pride of Three Generations’ from 21st November until 15th December 2020 with programmes including interviews and panel discussions with Eritrean youth studying on scholarships abroad as well as Eritrean youth who have either recently migrated or those of which were born or raised abroad who have accomplished success in their personal and professional lives. We invite you to tune in to the special broadcast on Eritrea EmbassyMedia YouTube and Facebook pages.

Embassy Media Special Broadcast 21 Nov.–15 Dec. 2020 'Warsay–The Pride of Three Generations'

Yared Tesfay
London, UK

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