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EmbassyMedia - The Pride of 3 Generation " - 'መላግቦን ቅኒትን ሰለስተ ወለዶ'

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Thursday, 22 October 2020

The Pride of 3 Generation
The development of young people has been a priority of the Government of Eritrea since the attainment of independence. Recognising the decisiveness of human element and large numbers of youth who were denied opportunities of education, as well as their vast potential to collectively contribute to national development, the expansion of education has become the priority of the government. In the short independence years, Eritrea has succeeded in widening access to education across all levels. Expansion of education is a profitable investment in tomorrow’s talent.

Eritrean history shows that the youth played a significant role in the struggle to achieve and maintain independence. Sawa has opened and widened the appetite for discovery and dreams. No nation can be self-reliant, independent and confident without empowering and utilising her youth.

EmbassyMedia - The Pride of 3 Generation " - 'መላግቦን ቅኒትን ሰለስተ ወለዶ'

Yared Tesfay
London, UK

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