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EmbassyMedia - 'Interview with Mr.Yafet Zerou & Mr.Goitom Seium - ሕብሪ ዓይንና

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Deportations The Ethiopian government is known to have forcibly expelled an estimated 85,000 people of Eritrean origin during the war in 1998 The first wave of arrests and deportations began on June 12, 1998, targeting people of Eritrean origin in Ethiopia who were prominent in business, politics, or community organisations. In conjunction with this campaign, the Ethiopian government revoked business licenses and ordered the freezing of assets of thousands of individuals of Eritrean origin. Those with bank accounts were informed that their accounts had been frozen and were inaccessible. The government provided no avenue for affected individuals to challenge these actions. The main targets of the deportation campaign after June 1998 were tens of thousands of ordinary people who were deported and dispossessed on the sole basis of their national origin.

EmbassyMedia - 'Interview with Mr.Yafet Zerou & Mr.Goitom Seium - ሕብሪ ዓይንና

Yared Tesfay
London, UK

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