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Marvel Cities of Eritrea!!!!

Posted by: Brhane Woldu

Date: Monday, 27 January 2020

By: Berhane Woldu.

Eritrea is a country located in East Africa one of the youngest nation in the world, covering an area of 121,00Sq. Km and a population of approximately 7 million. With the longest coastline in Africa; has three seasons in two hours. Eritrea is made of Nilotic, Cushitic and Semitic people blessed with a mosaic of cultures. A land of tolerance where the three monotheisms have long co-existed Profoundly Christian at the end of Antiquity, it still has many active churches. The Shafi Mosque 1000 years old symbolizes loyalty to its Islamic origins.  People from all over the world have passed through Turks, Egyptians, Italians, British and many others. Eritrea has three large cities with the best kept secrets and privileged experience. 

Asmara: Formerly one of the most magnificent cities of the Roman Empire, is the capital, largest city and the political, cultural, commercial, and industrial center of the nation. Asmara has countless and often spectacular Art Deco buildings built by the Romans; the villas are remarkable examples of Roman Art. The Capitol, Cinema Roma, Imperio and Ministry of Education are particularly outstanding owing to their beauty, originality and exceptional size. The Cathedral is evidence of the specificity of Roman-African civilization.  The architecture of Asmara offers other points of interest in addition to the Roman- African buildings. The Art Deco style has left its mark in some quarters, whilst the dominant neo-classical style is augmented with wonderfully imaginative adornments. Some architects have succeeded in admirable synthesis of style, rooted in the modernity of their age and receptive to local heritage.  Chose solitude over size yet large in its beauty is a city that fascinates all that who visits. Its pleasant climate makes it one of most favorite visited cities in the word; no city comes close to its unique small size yet grand beauty.

If there is ever a region that epitomizes the economic future of Eritrea, it’s the Northern Red Sea Region. A frenzied sprawl of 1.5 million people, it’s the second largest region in Eritrea. It’s also a place where you will find six ethnic groups live together in harmony. Massawa island the heart of the old Turkish settlement joined by Twalet Island and extravagant villas with its exquisite Turkish-style architectures “The Pearl of the Red Sea” boasts of pristine beauty, ancient civilization and modern amenities with a climate to your liking. Massawa is the city center for the many activities available on the sea coast and plays host to the many sun and fun seekers that visit the coast.  Endowed with attractions day and night at the art deco buildings of the ancient city that serves as restaurants, bar, night clubs shopping arcades, delicious sea food and night club. Massawa harbor of the future of the 22nd century a sea side city functioning as a major port its skyline is covered in soaring trees of metal and glass, skeletons and twisted boughs bare for all to see. A towering sic-fiction epitome of human civilization housing construction and storage facilities under construction are the new addition to infrastructural build that is going all around the port city.

Keren is the third largest city of Eritrea along the meadow surrounded by mountains, valleys, river banks and paved road of the Anseba region. If we have to use one word to describe Keren, the word would be “magical”. It’s a city that captivates one with its magnificent landscape, old traditions and ancient history. The architecture of Keren offers other points of interest in addition to the Italian colonizers beautiful villas. Keren residents have always admired noble life. While holding to simplicity, clean environment and to be in touch with beautiful objects. The inheritor of centuries of artisans, Keren retains treasures such as clay pots and jars, the polychrome ceramic or the vibrantly-colored straw products and silver jewelry.

Eritrea is one of the rich countries in the world in terms of ecotourism and natural attractions. The variety of ecosystems, weather, scenic beauties as well as its unique, unexplored culture is a rare authentic natural experience.

Asmara, Massawa and Keren urban cities of Eritrea; one will see tranquil easy-going movements of people. Seeing this, it seemed to me that time stood still, and the ambiance of Eritrea surged within me. When I looked at the street, and saw that people were poised between a laugh and silence, I learned the most important part of the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart: Happiness. Something as old as humanity, majestic than the mountains and unfathomable than the ocean.

I found the prophecy I had sought to find with my life, in the gracious silence, the inner peace of the country. Happy New Year ERITREA!!!!

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