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(Arte) Israel: As a refugee at the Youth Olympic Games

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 28 November 2019

Israel: As a refugee at the Youth Olympic Games

ARTE reportage
24 minutes

Nazret, a girl from Eritrea, has crossed the desert to Israel and later qualified as a 3000 meter runner.   

At age 13, Nazret became third winner in the national championship in the 3000 meter runs. Her coach Rotem had discovered and promoted her, with his club Hasimta, which wants to help young migrants from Eritrea and Sudan to integrate into Israel. She and her mother had fled Eritrea and walked across the desert in the hope of receiving asylum in Tel Aviv. Today, at the age of 15, she still has no permanent residence permit - although she is an excellent student and an outstanding athlete.

In July of this year she traveled with 15 years together with the Israeli team to the European Summer Youth Games in Baku in Azerbaijan - however, she launched not under the flag of Israel, but as the first refugee under the flag of the European Olympic Committee. Our reporters accompanied Nazret, her family, her trainer and her sports mates for more than three months. 

Director  :
Bethsabée Zarka
Author  : Bethsabée Zarka
country  : France
year  :2019

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