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[Fwd: How to make Eritrea more beautiful by updating our Landscaping]

Posted by: Dehai Admin

Date: Friday, 25 October 2019

Dear Eritrean,

Since we live in a warm climate and need to update our landscaping with gorgeous blooms, these 10 flowering trees may be just what Eritrea need. "Pictures of the City of (Asmara Airport) Keren,( Massawa, Aseb) etc (courtesy of G. Musa) show that most of the residences of the city are built on the planes while the hills are empty. My suggestion is that the city strive to make the hills parks. Plant on them indigenous trees and plants and others that make them attractive, and voila, we will have an even more lovely cities!" MIK See the link below to see how beautiful the trees are and make sure to buy seeds on line before heading to Eritrea. Pacific dogwood tree. Pink weeping cherry tree. Dynamite crape myrtle tree. Orchid tree. Empress tree. Blue jacaranda tree. Orange Geiger tree. Tipu tree. Caribbean trumpet tree Prairie fire flowering crabapple tree

Thank you
Yonatan Solomon Russom

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