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Eritrean Press: TPLF is not the people of Tigray – Editorial from Eritrean Press

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Date: Thursday, 05 July 2018

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July 05, 2018
The divisive and polarizing approach employed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) over the past 27 years have been catastrophic to the people of Ethiopia particularly Tigray.

Inflating identity and manipulating real and imaginary historical events, TPLF officials have created walls between Eritreans and Ethiopia’s diverse ethnic groups as a strategy to consolidate and monopolize power and financial benefits to the small elite group of TPLF leadership.

As the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed said recently in the parliament, the ordinary people of Tigray are the worst that suffered under the TPLF led EPRDF regime.

Tigrians who believe in united Ethiopia has been asking a question for years why their former Tigray liberators for independence have kept the so-called ‘TPLF’ name despite proclaiming to be Ethiopians.

Now the ‘liberators’ are determined to rescue the wounded TPLF’s objective, despite the non-existent support from the Eritreans and Ethiopians, by creating a parallel state within Ethiopia that is comprised of few individuals exclusively connected with party cliques.

Dr. Abiy's former TPLF boss, Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency’s (INSA), General Director Major General Tekleberhan Woldearegay latest declaration of ‘war’ on the new prime minister on ‘behalf’ of Tigrians has not helped heal Mekelle’s relations with the rest of Ethiopians.

It’s now time the people of Tigray rise up like the rest of Ethiopians did and voice their deep-held anger to the small elite individuals who are using the name of Tigrian people to advance their corrupt mentality.

All Tigray pro-democracy groups inside and outside the country must find a way to support and strengthen the hands of the new prime minister, as he is trying to work with long-suffering Tigrians toward the goal of establishing a true reform and development in their region.

If not, the people of Tigray will be left behind in the newfound Eri-Ethio relationships.
Divided TPLF Junta
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