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The Cause of the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border Conflict
by Alemseged Tesfai (1998)


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"Ethiopia is not prepared to allow demarcation to continue in the manner laid down in the Demarcation Directions and in accordance with the timeline set by the Commission. It now insists on prior “dialogue” but has rejected the opportunity for such “dialogue” within the framework of the demarcation process provided by the Commission’s proposal to meet with the Parties on 22 February. This is the latest in a series of obstructive actions taken since the summer of 2002 and belies the frequently professed acceptance by Ethiopia of the Delimitation Decision."

Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission
Sixteenth report on the work of the Commission



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Reports on the work of EEBC

  1. Twenty-Fourth Report (2007)

  2. Twenty-Third Report (2007)

  3. Twenty-Second Report (2006)

  4. Twenty-First Report (2006)

  5. Twentieth Report (2005)

  6. Nineteenth Report 2005

  7. Eighteenth Report 2005

  8. Seventeenth Report 2005

  9. Sixteenth Report 2005

  10. Fifteenth Report 2004

  11. Fourteenth Report 2004

  12. Thritheenth Report 2004

  13. Twelfth Report 2004

  14. Eleventh Report 2003

  15. Tenth Report, 2003

  16. Ninth Report, 2003

  17. Eighth Report, 2003

  18. Seventh Report, 2002

  19. Sixth Report, 2002

  20. Fifth Report, 2002

  21. Fourth Report, 2002

  22. Third Report, 2001

  23. Second Report, 2001

  24. First Report, 2001

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