"Sign of Frustration" Yes indeed
By: Mike Seium
December 17, 2005

With the recent developments of the situation on the ground in Eritrea, all Eritreans and peace loving Ethiopians should be proud and thankful for the actions taken by the Eritrean Govt. This is not about politics nor about winning people over but about the desire for genuine peace by the people and government of Eritrea in the horn of Africa region.

Having said that, in most articles written by the media this past week the fact that Eritrea has been so patient for the peace process and the "FINAL & BINDING" ruling that should have been implemented a couple of years ago was seen as a "frustration". Most articles written were portraying how dare this little country kick out peace keepers assigned by the world governing body. It is not because Eritreans hate peace keepers either that they were told to leave but because, YES! the sign of frustration was growing amid the fact that the UN was not doing it's job. One of the many articles had this to say,

*Sign of frustration*

"Eritrea's move against the Western staff, and its previous ban on U.N. helicopter flights, are viewed as a sign of frustration that the world body has not forced Ethiopia to implement demarcation of their common border"

Let's ponder for a minute, Wouldn't you be frustrated?

I believe these are more reasons than enough to be frustrated and so after 5 years of the Dec, 12th, 2000 agreement, nothing has been done and meanwhile peace keepers are enjoying fat salaries and lavish lifestyles in an oasis of peace where Eritreans can't even live like the very peace keepers that are there on a long vacations. Just like any other nation in the world Eritrea wants peace, prosperity and continue to develop while maintaining it's self reliance way of building the nation one step at a time.

"Sign of Frustration" Yes indeed and rightfully so!

Thanks to the wise leadership in Eritrea for protecting the interests of the people. With that, I also would like to recommend this article. Just click on the link!


Awet N'hafash!
Zelalemawi Zikri n'swatna